Halo Infinite Samurai Armor

Halo Infinite is one of the most adored and played games these days. This amazing game manages to keep the attraction of the players with different events. Without a doubt, one of these new features is the samurai armor. Besides its benefits, it looks very cool, and every player is trying to get this great customization these days.

Thus, we have compiled everything you need to know to unlock Halo Infinite samurai armor. Players have to take part in the Tenrai event to unlock this armor. In addition to this, you will unlock it piece by piece over time. So, here are the details.

How to Unlock Halo Infinite Samurai Armor?

As we noted before, players have to participate in the Tenrai event to unlock this legendary Halo infinite samurai armor. The best part of the event is you don’t need a battle pass. It is available to all players and offered for free during a certain period.

Of course, if you already have the battle pass, you can unlock it faster than other players. This event challenges players with different quests that they need to complete and gain experience points. Depending on your experience point, you are going to unlock the samurai armor pieces one by one.

What Are Halo Infinite Tenrai Event Rewards?

Battle pass owners earn more experience compared to other players. However, attending the Tenrai event is completely free, and players without a battle pass can also unlock these rewards. Here are the level caps for the rewards you are going to unlock.

Level 5: Yoroi Legendary Armor Core

Level 10 & 15: Gatekeeper Shoulder Pads

Level 20: Sol Devil Weapon Coating for the Assault Rifle

Level 24: Whispered Sky Weapon Coatings for the Sidekick, and Battle Rifle

Level 25: Yokai Helmet

Level 30: Swordsman’s Belt Legendary Utility

All you need to do is reach level 30 during the Tenrai event to unlock your full samurai armor in Halo Infinite.

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