Hard West 2 Lazarus Guide

You will unlock Lazarus in the first chapter of Hard West 2 by meeting him in Pine Falls. The good thing is that he is also hunting the Devil Mammon, and he will join your team. If you want to get the most out of him, we believe you need to know his skills and their effects very well.

Lazarus‘ skill is called “Transfusion,” which lets him swap his status effects and existing health points with another character. If you manage to use him right, Lazarus can easily change the course of the battle for you.

In addition to this, he is not a master of any combat style. However, he received bonuses for shotguns and handguns, but this also depends on the cards you equip. Thus, we recommend using these weapons and combining them with the right cards.

Here are the card skills, requirements, and effects that these skills provide for Lazarus.

Hard West 2 Lazarus Guide Lawod ss 1
Hard West 2 Lazarus Guide 2
Horseback RidingLazarus has burning and crippling resistance and movement bonuses when mounted. It offers a 25% reduced chance of getting hitDefault
PurificationIt removes all negative effects from LazarusDefault
Thou Shalt Not KillLazarus gains Cursed status when he kills while not in coverFive of a Kind
Armor of FaithIf Lazarus’ HP is below 75%, he stops burning at the start of the turnRoyal Flush
Fresh and VigilantIf Lazarus has 100% health at the start of the turn, he gains the Duelist statusStraight Flush
Transfusion IIIIncreases the range of Lazarus by 25Four of a Kind
ShotgunnerProvides +1 damage when a shotgun is equippedFull House
Reverse TellIf Lazarus has 100 Luck, he heals completely by spending itFlush
Transfusion IILazarus can swap status effects and HP with living enemies and undead humansStraight
PistoleroProvides +1 damage when a handgun is equippedThree of a Kind
Fiery SermonLazarus gains Patching Up status whenever he kills someoneTwo Pair
TransfusionLazarus can swap status effects and HP with one of the party members within 12 rangePair
A Tooth for a ToothProvides +1 damage when half of the party is deadLoyalty – Friend
An Eye for an EyeProvides a 10% bullseye chance when a party member is deadLoyalty – Ally

Of course, having a better poker hand will mean taking advantage of better skills and enjoying the low-tier skills. If you can use Lazarus right, he can be quite a powerful character in your party and turn things in your favor at any time.

On the other hand, it is a character that will require time to master. Thus, you may have some challenges at the beginning. We recommend not giving up on it quickly, as the importance of Lazarus increases in line with the time he survives in combat.

Try to use the Transfusion skill on Bill, which will let him deal more damage with the Deadman’s Revenge skill. Of course, when you unlock Transfusion II, try to focus on swapping HP with the opponent who has the max HP.

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