Hard West 2 Characters

Hard West 2 is an amazing turn-based strategy game that offers a tactical role-playing experience to its players. Although weak, the story of the Hard West 2 game is also rich in terms of its character availability. There are four main characters available in the primary campaign of the game.

In addition to this, there are dozens of secondary characters, which you are going to meet while progressing in the primary campaign. If you would like to make a little research on these characters, we have compiled all their names for you!

Here are all the characters you are going to find in the Hard West 2 campaign, including the main and secondary characters. We have included the DLC as well.

Main Characters in Hard West 2

  • Warren
  • The Devil
  • Death
  • Undertaker (aka the Father)
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Hard West 2 Characters 2

Secondary Characters in Hard West 2

Below, we have classified the characters according to the chapters, locations, and other factors that distinguish them from others.

On Earth as it is in Hell

Undertaker’s Posse

  • Oswald Herrington
  • Andrew Hardin
  • Reverend Ashmore
  • C. Persons

Demonic Cult

  • Skullspawn Demon
  • Mad Cultists

The Wizard’s Circus

  • The Wizard
  • Madame Bai-Bai
  • David Vega
  • Pablo del Poncho
  • Luciano Frias-Andrade
  • James Rusk
  • Gesheed the Bodyguard
  • Swanky K
  • Sean Vermillion

The Legendary Posse

  • Gabriel de Cervantes
  • Cassandra Lee Snowden
  • Henry H. Persons
  • Randy Hardin
  • Miguel “El Hermoso” Ochoa
  • Jefferson Burns
  • Cheveyo
  • Lulu

Graveyard Shift

Demonic Cult

  • The Mad King
  • Demon Prince

Undertaker’s Posse

  • Oswald Harrington
  • Abe Fleischer
  • Booker Johnson
  • Reverend Ashmore

As Good as Dead

The Mexicans

  • The Masked Man

Warren’s Posse

  • Florence
  • Brandon Scott
  • Old Man Murray
  • Scrawny Kid
  • Childeater

A Matter of Time

The Order

  • The Protector

The Inquisition

  • Joaquim Perez

Cassandra’s Posse

  • Cassandra Lee Snowden
  • Andrew Hardin
  • Paco
  • Felicia Alambre
  • Jim Vaughn

Law & Order

The Order

  • Solomon DeLear?
  • Solomon DeLear
  • Sister Rosario Aiza

The Inquisition (Demonic Cult)

  • Inquisitor Gabriel de Cervantes
  • Joaquim Perez
  • Charlie ‘Chip’ Hinshaw
  • David Ofrye
  • Baythm Raum

Method In Madness

Forces of Madness

  • Sherrif Turner
  • Doctor Trummercliff

The Laboratory

  • Solomon DeLear
  • Persons
  • Persons
  • Persons
  • The Protector

Hard Times

The Mexicans

  • The Masked Man
  • Cheech

Warren & Father’s Mining Wagon

  • Florence
  • Old Ike
  • Pat Douglas

In Gold We Trust

Traitors & Enemies

  • Diego
  • Señor Zacarías
  • LaFortuna

Alvaro’s Mining Wagon

  • Alvaro Vasquez
  • David O’Connell
  • Victor Suncove

Scars of Freedom (DLC)

The Confederacy

  • Governor Duval
  • Dr. Aldous Gorman
  • Theodor
  • Gunther
  • Louise

‘Freefolk’ Posse

  • Libertee
  • Phineas
  • Paddy Somerset
  • Fred Glass
  • Luke
  • John

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