Horizon Worlds Reached 300,000 Users

Horizon Worlds, Meta’s new social virtual reality platform, managed to reach 300,000 users. This means that the platform multiplied its user base by ten in only three months, which is a great success for them. As you know, Facebook changed its name to Meta in recent months to focus on the metaverse. 

Meta is ambitious and keeps up with the trends in society and technology. As a result of this ambition, the company developed the first virtual reality social media platform, and it is live now! In fact, it has already reached 300,000 users from all around the world. 


This virtual reality social media platform is called Horizon Worlds, and it is one of the largest investments in the technology world. So far, it seems like Meta is going great with Horizon Worlds. This new platform was launched in December for all people with Quest headsets in Canada and the United States. Meta’s chief product officer, Chris Cox, noted that their user base multiplied by ten in the first three months, which they called a great success. 

On the other hand, we should note that Horizon Worlds was just recently released, and this rapid growth may not be an indicator of anything. The platform will not be accepted as successful unless it can maintain this growth. Retaining the current figures is not favorable for the company, and it will mean a waste of investment in the long run. 

In addition to this, we should not forget that the holiday season greatly contributed to Quest headset sales. Indirectly, many buyers who purchased this headset decided to give it a try at Horizon Worlds. However, it is still unknown whether the platform will manage to retain these users. 

Since Meta did not announce how many Quest headsets are sold today, we cannot talk clearly or compare any data about the success of Horizon Worlds either. 

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