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If you’ve ever watched Tarek El Moussa’s Flip or Flop TV Show and liked it here is a game for you. House Flipper is a game where you are buying a garbage house and renovating it to make a profit. This simulation game was developed by Empyrean and released on May 17, 2018. Although the game was released almost 4 years ago, it is still popular and attracts new players.

This is a design and illustration game that offers quality graphics. Your goal is simple, buy houses, flip them, and make a profit. In this way, you can buy new houses to repeat the process and enjoy decorating new houses each time.

So, you are going to be a constructor and designer in this fun game. Unlike other house flipping games, this one offers a first-person view, and you need to get your hands dirty to make money. You start the game with limited funds and buy a house. You have to decorate, repair, and fix the house to make it look appealing.

Once you are done, you are going to list your house to sell it to others. After that you are going to invest the money you make to buy a new house. Moreover, you can also get jobs from the neighbors in the area to make extra money.

House Flipper is available for PCs and console platforms. You can buy the game for $19,99 on Epic Games or Steam to play on your PC. If you are a console player, House Flipper is available on PlayStation Store for PS4 and Xbox Store for Xbox One and Series X|S.

House Flipper Editor Opinion

First of all, House Flipper offers relaxing fun to players. You can play the game at your own pace, and you have plenty of freedom while making choices. In addition to this, you are going to decorate a new house every time! What else can someone expect from a fun simulation game?

If you enjoy the idea of decorating houses, fixing problems, or repairing infrastructure, House Flipper is the right choice for you. The fact that you play the game with a first-person view makes it much more fun! The game appeals to players of all ages, and it will help you to take a fun break in your busy schedule.

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