PowerWash Simulator – Clean Stuff and Chill Yourself

Are you looking for something to wash but couldn’t find anything? Here is a simulation game just for you, PowerWash Simulator. You can now satisfy your cleaning feelings by washing houses, cars, chimneys, and even NASA’s Perseverance.

PowerWash Simulator Trailer

Think of a game where you feel satisfied even while watching its trailer. You can watch the game’s Early Access Launch Trailer below. You may also find much more content about the game on FuturLab’s official Youtube account.

PowerWash Simulator Review

We’ve all watched the ridiculous but satisfying videos that we watch interestingly till the end of the video on social media, right? How about playing a game similar to such videos that appeal to a primitive part of our brain and feels great?

PowerWash is a simulation game developed by FuturLab. In this game, you will be able to clean the dirt and rusty cars and the garden of a house full of dust, sand, and mud without worrying about how many gallons of water you spend. You can’t complete the level without cleaning everything. So sometimes, you might find yourself searching for a tiny bit of dirt.

You can play a campaign in which you take on more difficult duties and deal with unusual clients, or you can play in the free mode or a challenging stage, such as cleaning the Mars Rover.

If you are tired of competitive games and looking for a game to relax and chill you out, grab the PowerWash’s power washer and start cleaning slowly.


PowerWash Simulator Download

PowerWash Simulator is now Early Access on Steam, and all features of the game seem to be completed.

If you love cleaning and enjoy watching Discovery’s Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners, OR if you’re interestingly addicted to videos or commercials that vacuum cleaners suctioning up dirt from a carpet, a paper towel that absorbs water from a surface, this game could be just for you.

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