How The Forest Was Born Prepares To Launch A Campaign On Kickstarter

If you enjoy playing real-time strategy games, we would like to introduce you to How the Forest Was Born. This promising game is preparing to be launched on Kickstarter soon. It seems like the game will be popular and reach its funding goals quickly. Below, you can learn more about this fantastic game and its Kickstarter campaign.

How the Forest Was Born in a Nutshell

How the Forest Was Born is a strategy game where players will play as a caring forest spirit. You will have to make strategic decisions while taking care of and protecting the forest. 

The game offers a unique experience to players with popular features from the real-time strategy genre and side-scrolling strategy. Some of these features include producing resources, defending your base, investing in units, and building base buildings. You will be responsible for everything that takes place in your territory.

Thus, you need to keep an eye on everything that happens and take quick action against it. Moreover, you will also have a skill tree to improve. In this way, you can customize your adventure and gaming experience.

It is worth noting that the characters and sprites in How the Forest Was Born are totally hand-drawn, and the developer used traditional animation techniques. In this respect, we believe that you are going to love the graphics of How the Forest Was Born a lot as well.

Moreover, How the Forest Was Born will be released on many platforms, including PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch. Not to mention that it will be available on Windows and Mac computers too.


How the Forest Was Born Features

You will play Leshy, who is a spirit responsible for the forests in Slavic mythology and folklore in How the Forest Was Born. In this fantastic game, all the forest animals are also your close friends, and they serve as units in How the Forest Was Born.

You will benefit from the animals while protecting the forest. For this purpose, you are going to build nests all around the forest to summon your animals. Some of the animals you can summon include bears, wolves, foxes, and rabbits.

Fireflies will serve as a resource in the game. You need to catch as many as you can to create funds for your improvements. You will also try to keep monsters and villagers out of your forest with totems and magic. Moreover, you need to improve your skill tree to unlock new features.

You will find different types of enemies that you need a unique approach to handle. Besides, you can play in five unique scenes while they try to improve their forest.

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How the Forest Was Born Demo

If you would like to check out How the Forest Was Born, you can download its demo too. This can give you a better idea of the game and let you experience its fun before its launch. For this purpose, you can visit the developer’s official page on

How the Forest Was Born Kickstarter Project

If you would like to support this beautiful project, have no worries. The developer is working right now to launch the Kickstarter project. It is not active right now. However, you can visit the game’s Kickstarter page and click on the “Notify Me On Launch” button to not miss anything.

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