How to Access Friday Night Funkin’ Secret Level?

Friday Night Funkin is a very popular indie game lately. Friday Night Funkin’ has managed to impress players with 17 songs in six weeks of the story mode. Well, did you know that the FNF has a secret level in it? If you don’t know how to reach the secret level and what is waiting for you at the secret level, let’s find out.

As we mentioned, Friday Night Funkin’ becomes the most famous indie game ever in the last four months. We mostly attributed FNF’s success to the music used in the game. If you wish, you can access all the music used in Friday Night Funkin from our article named Friday Night Funkin Songs.

If you are unfamiliar with Friday Night Funkin’ and want to learn more about it, you can read Game Review – Friday Night Funkin’ article on Lawod. You can also visit Friday Night Funkin’s official page in the

How to Access Friday Night Funkin' Secret Level? 3

Friday Night Funkin Secret Level

Ninjamuffin99, the developer of the FNF, has achieved to get attract attention to the Friday Night Funkin’ by putting a secret level in the game. So what awaits us in this secret level, and let’s see step by step how to reach the secret level.

Reach Step By Step To The Secret Level

There are so easy multiple steps to access the secret level in the Friday Night Funkin’. Whatever platform you play FNF, you can reach the hidden secret level.

Step 1: Start the FNF
Step 2: Select “Story Mode”
Step 3: Select any Week in the story mode
Step 4: Press “7” on your keyboard. Now, you reach the developer menu.
Step 5: Select the “Song” section head over the menu.
Step 6: Replace the song name as “Monster”
Step 7: Click on “reload JSON” and press Enter on your keyboard.

Enjoy the secret level of the Friday Night Funkin’.

fnf secret level
How to Access Friday Night Funkin' Secret Level? 4

Lemon Demon Secret Level

In the secret level, the Lemon Demon is waiting for you. You’ll try to beat the Lemon Demon in a rhythm battle as you did in the whole game. The soundtrack in the secret level called “Monster” or “Lemon Demon Song” is very liked by those who achieve the access secret level. You can find the lyrics of the secret level song Monster below.

Lemon Demon Lyrics

Guess it’s time, you better plug in all your night lights
What’s out there past your darkened door?
Just, the eyes floating about of the shore
Evan! I’m gonna eat your girl-friend!
Or maybe turn her into broth, (broth, LALA)
Kill kill kill ’em up stuff them inside my secret, meat pot
Find, My, Hands across your body to peel your skin off!

You’ll meet your friends
-Inside the ambulance!
Come, to the night
To the werewolf
Give all your blood to him
Stand under the wall street light
Let yourself be hypnotized

Your just a little snack, and so is your girlfriend!
Evan! I’m gonna tear your eyes out!
And then I’ll boil your girlfriend! (LaLa)
Kill kill kill ’em up stuff them inside my burning dungeon!
I, would, give you guys a little break but I’m not satan

Monster – Friday Nigth Funkin’ Soundtrack

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  1. There’s another secret level, it’s unfinished and takes a bit of work to get, but it’s called “ridge.”

  2. This was not intended to be “secret.” It was just a level that ninjamuffin had trouble mapping. It has since been finished in the Week 7 Update

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