How to Build a Base in Abiotic Factor?

This Abiotic Factor building guide explains the building process and identifies the best location for your base.

Building a solid base in Abiotic Factor is crucial for survival, resource management, and fending off threats. They not only provide a location to rest but also serve as a place to store and accumulate supplies. This has the potential to turn a specific area into a stronghold that you can defend, reinforce, and survive in. This guide will walk you through the essential steps of base building, ensuring you have a secure and efficient home base to thrive in Abiotic Factor.

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How to Build a Base in Abiotic Factor? 5

Understanding Base Building Basics

Before diving into specifics, it’s important to grasp the fundamental principles of base building in Abiotic Factor. The game involves surviving in a harsh environment, gathering resources, and defending against various threats. Your base will be your sanctuary, a place to store resources, craft items, and strategize your next moves.

In Abiotic Factor, you have the freedom to construct your base almost anywhere. Whether you choose to build a small base right from the start of the game or opt for a large camp within the extensive tunnels of Manufacturing West, the choice is yours.

It’s important to note that the barricades and crafting stations you create are not impervious to damage. Each structure has a health bar, leaving you susceptible to base raids regardless of your location. Keep in mind that some areas harbor more enemies than others, and you may face attacks from security bots or foes that are not typically found in the area. It’s crucial to thoroughly survey any potential building sites before establishing your base.

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Choosing the Right Location – The Best Base Location in Abiotic Factor

Selecting the optimal location for your base is the first and most critical step. Here are some key factors to consider:

  • Resource Proximity: Ensure your base is near essential resources such as water, food, and building materials. This reduces travel time and allows for efficient resource gathering.
  • Defensibility: Look for locations that offer natural defenses like elevated ground, narrow passes, or areas surrounded by water. This makes it easier to defend your base against enemies.
  • Accessibility: Make sure the location is accessible for you and your allies but difficult for enemies to approach unnoticed.

To maximize security and convenience, we suggest starting in areas with abundant resources and natural defenses, such as near water sources or elevated terrain.

The best place to set up a base in Abiotic Factor is in Office Sector Level 1 or Level 2. Some areas in these sectors are safer than others. Because as you explore the map, you’ll find alternate routes to get back to Office Sector Level 1. Various trams and land routes connect all sectors to each other, with the Office Sector as the central hub. It’s ideal for a base as long as you steer clear of security bots.

Your base should have at least one available power socket, no more than 2 doors for coming in and going out, and easy access to other sectors for gathering more resources.

For one or two players, the security office next to the Cafeteria and its adjoining rooms make a great base location. For larger groups, consider the Cafeteria or Plaza, but be cautious in the Plaza as security bots may try to destroy your barricades.

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How to Build a Base in Abiotic Factor? 7

Gathering Resources For Your Base

Once you’ve chosen your location, the next step is to gather necessary resources:

  • Wood and Stone: Essential for building basic structures like walls and floors.
  • Metal and Electronics: Needed for advanced crafting and defenses.
  • Food and Water: Crucial for sustaining your character’s health and stamina.

According to Gamerant, it’s beneficial to stockpile resources before you start building, as running out mid-construction can leave your base vulnerable.

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How to Build a Base in Abiotic Factor? 8

Constructing Basic Structures – How To Build Base in Abiotic Factor?

When building a base, it is important to have a Hammer and a Screwdriver. The Hammer is used for dismantling or repairing barricades and base structures, while the Screwdriver is essential for converting nearby everyday office furniture items into base facilities like traps, barricades, and other reinforcements for survival. You have the flexibility to approach base construction in different ways and build as you go, but it’s important to remember to make necessary repairs and upgrades to your base.

Abiotic Factor gives you the freedom to choose nearly any location for building or rebuilding your base. In a pinch, a nearby room with suitable furniture can serve as a short-term base. In co-op mode, players can split up to scout for the best base location and gather furniture from other locations, ensuring abundant materials for construction.

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