How to Get Starborn Armors in Starfield?

Starfield Starborn Armors Set highly-coveted sets come in different styles and offer special advantages in the game. You can find a total of 10 unique sets, each one obtained by playing the New Game+ mode, which unlocks different versions of the Starborn spacesuit.

The key to unlocking all of the Starborn Armors in Starfield is through New Game Plus, which is available after you’ve completed the main story and become a Starborn. This mode allows you to replay the entire game with certain changes, and as a reward for completing it, players are given a new Starborn Spacesuit and the Starborn Guardian ship that can be upgraded with each new NG+ playthrough.

When you finish a New Game Plus run, the unlocked Starborn Spacesuit will be upgraded into a higher version named after a famous astronomical body, such as Astra, Locus, and so on. The perks and other stats on these suits will also improve each time, making them better and more useful than the previous ones that you’ve already gathered.

These upgraded suits will come with various perks that help you in combat, such as reducing your resource consumption or increasing your thermal, airborne, corrosive, and radiation resistance. Some of the suits even have additional augmentations that can make them much more powerful, such as a boost to speed and reduced oxygen consumption.

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How to Get Starborn Armors in Starfield? 2

All Starfield Starborn Armors Stats

Currently, there are 10 Starborn Armors in total that you can collect and upgrade, and each of them will require different ways to acquire them. 

Starborn ArmorUnlocked inPHYSENGYEMThermalAirborneCorrosiveRadiationMass
AstraNew Game Plus1491491495050505017.40
MateriaNew Game Plus 21591591595050505017.40
LocusNew Game Plus 3 1701701705050505017.40
TenebrisNew Game Plus 41811811815050505017.40
SolisNew Game Plus 51921921925050505017.40
GravitasNew Game Plus 62032032035050505017.40
BellumNew Game Plus 72142142145050505017.40
TempusNew Game Plus 82242242245050505017.40
AvitusNew Game Plus 92352352355050505017.40
VenatorNew Game Plus 102462462465050505017.40

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