How to Pass Successfully and Go in EA Sports FC 24?

Whether it's to help your team maintain possession or create goal-scoring opportunities, precision passing is an essential skill in EA Sports FC 24. Check out this guide to improve your passing and going skills:

Becoming a master of EA Sports FC 24 and winning every competition you join requires learning fundamental skills like having possession by passing successfully. 

EA Sports FC 24 is the latest version of the popular football simulation series, providing an unparalleled experience with its refined mechanics and realistic gameplay. One of the game’s standout features is its passing and going dynamics, which players must master in order to dominate on the virtual pitch. To help you succeed, here is your ultimate guide to successful passing in EA Sports FC 24.

Understanding the Basics of Passing

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How to Pass Successfully and Go in EA Sports FC 24? 4

Passing is the heartbeat of EA Sports FC 24‘s gameplay. It’s not just about moving the ball from one player to another; it’s about control, timing, and vision.

While an excellent pass can lead you to a dangerous attack on your opponent’s goal, a terrible pass can return as a counter-attack and even a score on your net.

The game offers various types of passes, each suitable for different situations:

  1. Short Passes: Ideal for maintaining possession and building up play. The key is to keep the ball moving with quick, accurate short passes. 
  2. Long Passes: Used to switch play or find players in advanced positions. Timing and player positioning are crucial for these passes.
  3. Through Balls: Perfect for breaking defensive lines. Requires anticipation of your teammate’s run and precise execution.

Advanced Passing Techniques

To elevate your game, you need to master some advanced techniques:

  • One-Touch Passing: This keeps the ball moving quickly and can disorient the opposition. It requires predicting the ball’s path and your next move before the ball reaches your player.
  • Lobbed Passes: Useful for bypassing a line of defense, but timing and power are critical.
  • Driven Passes: Fast and direct, these are great for cutting through tighter defenses.

The Art of ‘Go’ – Making Intelligent Runs

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Making intelligent runs, or ‘goes’, is equally important. It’s about movement off the ball to create space and opportunities.

  1. Timing Your Runs: Wait for the right moment to break away from your marker. Pay attention to the position of the ball and the defenders.
  2. Changing Pace: A sudden burst of speed can catch defenders off guard.
  3. Using Space Wisely: Look for gaps in the defense to exploit with your runs.

Combining Passing with Movement

The real magic happens when passing and movement are combined:

  • Give-and-Go: This classic move involves playing a pass and immediately making a forward run to receive the ball back.
  • Overlapping Runs: Particularly effective with full-backs or wingers. One player makes a run beyond the teammate in possession, creating options and stretching the defense.

The curved lob pass is another popular move in EA Sports FC 24. This technique is highly effective when used from the half-space into the middle and can easily bypass defenders who would otherwise block a straight or lofted pass. It is crucial to practice the curved lob pass and use it frequently when attacking.

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How to Pass Successfully and Go in EA Sports FC 24? 6

Practical Tips for Training

  1. Practice in Different Game Modes: Use training modes and drills to sharpen your skills. Playing against the AI in varying difficulties can also be beneficial.
  2. Experiment with Teams and Formations: Different teams and formations can offer new perspectives and challenges in your passing game.
  3. Watch and Learn: Observe how top players maneuver in the game. EA Sports FC 24 has a wealth of replays and tutorials to learn from.

Overall, it is essential to use smart passing and intelligent running tactics to overcome the opposition and create scoring opportunities in EA Sports FC 24. To achieve this, you need to invest your time in practicing, having patience and gain a thorough understanding of the game’s mechanics. Once you master these skills, you will experience more fun and climb the rankings in online play.

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