How to Play Omega Strikers Like a Pro?

Omega Strikers is a fast-paced action-sports game that requires master skills to be good. Check this article out to learn how to play Omega Strikers like a pro.

Omega Strikers is a fast-paced sports game that also happens to be a deep tactical arena brawler. The player-controlled characters, called Strikers, possess a unique slate of abilities that players can use to knock opponents from the arena and score goals. 

While the basic rules of Omega Strikers are relatively straightforward, there is a lot that players need to keep in mind throughout matches. From defending and attacking the Core to understanding how each character’s abilities work, many factors can impact a match’s outcome.

One of the most important things for new players to understand is that it’s not enough to simply pick a character because they look cool. Most Strikers have different playstyles, and it’s crucial to experiment with all of them to find out who clicks for you. Choosing to stick with a character too early could result in an unenjoyable or frustrating experience.

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How to Play Omega Strikers Like a Pro? 3

There Are Three Main Character Types To Choose From in Omega Strikers

Also, make sure you play by the rules and comprehend how the team can benefit from your Striker. There are three main categories as in the following table of characters from which to choose.

Character TypeDescription
Melee BrawlerThey can play aggressively by getting in the face of the opposition. They are very good at both pursuing goals and pushing enemies back.
Ranged FightersDespite having a tendency to be squishier, they do an excellent job of switching between offense and defense. They can retreat to defend themselves while also making long-range attacks to make shots.
Defenders and SupportsBy erecting barriers, retaining possession of the ball, and providing the team with buffs, they can aid the team. Although they are capable of playing aggressively, they frequently perform at their best on the court’s team side.
How to Play Omega Strikers Like a Pro Lawod ss 1 1
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Focus on the Core, not the Opponent

While it may be tempting to snipe opponents by swooping down on them from above, the best way to knock out an opponent is to catch them when they are near the edge of the map. Doing so will prevent them from re-spawning for 10 seconds, giving you a huge advantage.

Although you can use your abilities to attack opponents, you shouldn’t give them priority. Even though you’ll cause damage, your abilities won’t be enough to eliminate all of their health. If you can get hits on your opponents, use your abilities to hit the Core while keeping them at bay.

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