Icarus In A Nutshell

Icarus was finally released two weeks ago. Here is what you should know about this amazing sci-fi survival game.

If you are bored with the typical survival games, then we are proud to share information about Icarus. Icarus is one of the new and noteworthy co-op survival games that offer a unique gaming experience for the players. In addition to this, the theme of the game is amazing and aligns with the genre of the game.

If you would like to learn more about Icarus, its gameplay, supported platforms, and much more, then keep reading. Besides this information, we have also provided our own opinions about why you should give a chance to this fun survival game. Do not forget to check out the last heading as well.


Icarus Overview

Icarus is one of the new sci-fi survival games, which was developed and published by RocketWerkz on December 4, 2021. What makes Icarus unique is its co-op and seasonal PvE survival concept. Players can collaborate with up to eight players to survive on a harsh planet, where terraforming goes wrong.

If you want, you can also play the game alone as well. Since it is an open-world survival game, it offers a wide range of options to players. The game also includes many objectives that you have to complete to keep surviving despite the most challenging conditions in the entire galaxy.

Icarus is the name of the planet that you need to explore and survive. Things have gone wrong on the planet, and you are the only human left in the galaxy. You have to explore the planet, survive despite its challenges, collect resources, and return back to the orbital space station. Here, you are going to craft goods and develop new technologies that will help you in your survival.

You have limited time on the planet for each visit and you need to make sure that you use your time in the best way. Once you access a certain level of technology, you can start building your shelter on the planet to extend the time you can spend on it. It is worth noting that the game is a seasonal PvE, so you have new challenges for every season.

Where to Play Icarus?

Unfortunately, you need a PC to play Icarus. RocketWerkz, developer, and publisher of the game announced that they are going to release the game only for Steam and PC platforms. In addition to this, Icarus only supports Windows. So, you will not be able to play it on Linux or macOS operating systems either.
Though some players wonder whether they are going to be able to play Icarus on their gaming consoles, RocketWerkz did not make an announcement about the releases. For now, the developers focused on improving their game for the PC platform. Perhaps, we can expect a release for gaming platforms after a few seasons.

Why Should You Play Icarus?

If you enjoy survival games, especially online survival games, you are going to love Icarus a lot. As you can play Icarus in single-player mode, you can also cooperate with up to eight players to increase your chances of survival. It is worth noting that Icarus is one of the most challenging survival games you may ever play.
Every detail in this fun game is designed to challenge players and there is a wide range of predators that can interrupt your operations. Another important aspect of Icarus is resource gathering. Just like in all survival games, resources matter a lot in Icarus and let you access old technologies that will provide convenience in your operation. We highly recommended this great game to all players who love to play survival games.

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