Idol Showdown Characters

Idol Showdown characters are based on actual Vtuber personalities from the Hololive Production agency. These Hololive talents are reimagined as core fighting game characters, each with unique moves based on their most memorable moments and personality traits.

There are eight Idol Showdown characters as follows. Each of these characters has its own unique moves based on their personalities. FubukiKorone, and Ayame are great characters to start with for beginners, while Botan and Coco are good intermediate characters for those looking for a little more challenge. On the other hand, Hoshimachi Suisei could be a great choice for advanced players.

  1. Aki Rosenthal
  2. Hoshimachi Suisei
  3. Inugami Korone
  4. Kiryu Coco
  5. Nakiri Ayame
  6. Shishiro Botan
  7. Shirakami Fubuki
  8. Tokino Sora

Aki Rosenthal

The Half-Elf from Another World, Aki Rosenthal, has impressive zone and offense stats. The remaining categories are also excellent. Any opponent would have a hard time overcoming her balance and moveset. When Rosenthal is used in an Idol Showdown hololive battle, the opponent can be warped to, teleported behind, or attacked before being able to teleport away to safety. She has almost no weaknesses, which makes facing her more challenging.

Hoshimachi Suisei

For advanced players, Hoshimachi Suisei is a force to be reckoned with due to her incredible speed and offense skills. She can be a bit time-consuming to play, but once you master her advanced techniques, opponents will be at your mercy. 

Hoshimachi Suisei isn’t regarded as one of the best fighters because of how chaotic she is in battle and the difficulty in trying to control her. Although she takes a lot of time, the Stellar Stylish Idol can be a nightmare to defeat up close thanks to her enormous offense and speed stats.

Inugami Korone

Inugami Korone idol showdown characters lawod ss
Idol Showdown Characters 5

Inugami Korone, a Retro Fighting Dog, is regarded as a high-endurance brawler. High levels of offense, speed, and defense will make learning fun for beginners. However, Korone has a very combative style. To effectively deal with damage, you must always continue attacking. Korone will be rendered ineffective after one block and one retaliatory strike from your opponent. You’ll be fine if you can continue the onslaught, but it isn’t easy.

Kiryu Coco

Kiryu Coco has an intermediate-level star rating and balanced skill categories. She can warp around enemies to attack from multiple angles or teleport behind them for a surprise strike. She also has a good zone stat, making her hard to catch off guard. She’s the best fighter to use if you want to be more unpredictable.

Her speed is her biggest weakness. If you don’t retreat to deflect enemy assaults before launching your own, Kiryu Coco will be destroyed by anyone with great speed. She is a high-risk, high-reward type of fighter as a result. You’ll be almost unstoppable once you’ve mastered her combos.

Nakiri Ayame

nakiri ayame idol showdown characters lawod ss edited
Idol Showdown Characters 6

Nakiri Ayame, a Play Giggling Ojou, is regarded as a fighter with “Nonstop Oni Offense.” She fights with two katanas, which give her the ability to strike from a greater distance than most short-range fighters and has the fastest speed in Idol Showdown, which is complemented by strong offense and passable defense. Additionally, you can approach your opponents much more quickly because the stun caused by the katana hit makes a variety of combos possible. She is a fantastic choice for beginners because of her strong yet simple-to-learn combos and counterattacks.

Shishiro Botan

Idol Showdown‘s leader character, Shishiro Botan, has quickly ascended to the top. The Special Forces La-Lion has an unmatched zone statistic, good speed, and great damage.

Both in close-quarters combat and with ranged attacks, Botan deals high damage. You have the option of playing her in your preferred manner. Shishiro Botan can be used in a variety of ways, and that makes her unpredictable and challenging to defeat.

Shirakami Fubuki

shirakami fubuki idol showdown characters lawod ss
Idol Showdown Characters 7

Shirakami Fubuki’s stats primarily emphasize attack and defense. You can learn the basics with this beginner-level character, but you’ll soon advance to a more skilled combatant. Despite her versatility, Fubuki doesn’t stand out in relation to other characters. Her moveset is also somewhat dependent on good fortune. Her special abilities are quite strong, but they are completely unpredictable. You could choose between a powerful variation and a basic, pointless version.

Tokino Sora

Idol Showdown Characters Tokino Sora
Idol Showdown Characters 8

Tokino Sora is a fighter with a high endurance level, high damage output, and reasonable defense. Her katanas give her a ranged advantage over other fighters, and she can stun enemies at long distances to close in on them. She’s perfect for beginner players.

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