Idol Showdown Combos Guide

Idol Showdown is a free fan game starring Hololive production Vtubers. It was developed by Besto Game Team and released on Steam. The game features a simple combo system and plenty of references to Hololive streams and in-jokes. Here is the Idol Showdown combo guide:

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Idol Showdown Controls / Key Bindings

Idol Showdown has an easy-to-learn control system and rollback netcode for a smooth gameplay experience.

Some fighting games have complex motion inputs, but Idol Showdown‘s simple inputs make it easy to play. The characters’ special moves can build a meter if you complete the inputs exactly, and they have unique animations for each of their attacks.

MovementKeysArrow KeysNum PadDesc.
JumpWup arrow / up arrow + left arrow / up arrow + right arrow7, 8, 9
WalkD – Aright arrow / left arrow6 / 4Walk, walk back, and block attacks
CrouchSdown arrow / down arrow + left arrow / down arrow + right arrow1, 2, 3
Run / BackdashD, D – A, Aright arrow, right arrow / left arrow, left arrow6, 6 / 4, 4Hit the Move Forward button 2 times in quick succession and hold for the run.
Ground TechHold Dhold left arrowHold 4Hold the key when you hit the ground
Air TechHold WHold up arrow / up arrow + left arrow / up arrow + right arrowHold 7, 8, 9Hold the key when you in the air.
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Idol Showdown Combos

Idol Showdown combos are based on motion inputs and notation, which make them easier to learn than traditional button inputs. For example, a basic combo for Korone involves pressing quarter-circle forward and quarter-circle backward. This motion is good for zoning and combos, as it can be performed while jumping.

FubukiKorone, and Ayame are good starters for those new to the fighting genre. These Idol Showdown characters have easy combos and good damage. Players who want a challenge should try Botan and Coco.

The game also has some unique mechanics, such as the IPS system, which makes the player invulnerable until either teching or hitting the ground. 

In addition, the player can use the Super Chat meter to cancel special moves and extend combos. 

The game has unique mechanics, including instant block and motion inputs. The motion inputs work by mirroring the character on your left and the opponent on your right, and they can build a meter if triggered correctly. The simple inputs only perform the light version of moves, but they can be used to perform combos.

CombosPrimary KeysDesc.
Light AttackJ
Medium AttackK
Heavy AttackL
Star AttackI
Universal OverheadK + LTo hit someone who is crouching use Medium + Heavy attack at the same time
Grab AttackOPress L + M at the same time or Use the Grab shortcut
Collab AssistYPress L + H at the same time or Use the Collab shortcut
BurstPPress L + M + H at the same time or Use the Burst shortcut

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