Insurmountable Review

With its challenging and heartbreaking events, Insurmountable offers you a great combination of peaceful gameplay and frustration. This is something we can rarely find in games. And for us, Insurmountable offers one of the perfect combinations in this regard. While you are enjoying a peaceful climbing session, one wrong step can take you to your death.

Most games that offer mountaineering or climbing experiences struggle in terms of simulation and platforms. However, Insurmountable handles these mechanics very well. Additionally, the game offers these physical actions with great physics mechanics. That is why we can easily say that Insurmountable reflects the challenging nature of these sports very well.

Of course, we cannot assess the success of the game only with these mechanics. It also provides a very realistic setting for players and great control. You watch your mountaineer from the top and guide him between the tiles, deciding on the route and managing the resources you are going to need during your journey.

Besides finding caves, which can provide protection from harsh storms, you will also encounter other people and dead bodies in desolate places. As you might guess, your main goal is to reach the peak of the mountain. However, reaching the peak is only half of the things you need to worry about since you also need to make your way back.

It is safe to say that the Insurmountable is a roguelike game. But instead of creatures or monsters, the mountain itself will be your enemy. You need to develop the optimum strategy to reach the peak and go down. For this reason, you are going to stand against harsh conditions, experiment with new paths to draw the best route, and try to avoid hazards at all costs.

Although Insurmountable has no purpose, such as achieving photorealism, the beautiful and vibrant palette used in the design of the environment looks quite natural and peaceful. You can really enjoy your time and feel relaxed in Insurmountable, apart from the times when you will try to avoid hazards.

The only downside is the camera angle. It is designed to have full control over your character. However, the environment is so well-designed that you sometimes want to admire the beauty. Unfortunately, the camera angle does not let you enjoy the view. It is purely designed to be functional, and it does a great job, especially when you are trying to plot your route.

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In general, most climbing games have a predetermined route for players. However, Insurmountable is totally different since it lets you pick your own route and take your own responsibilities. This is why your planning is very important in the game. In addition to this, you also need to pay attention to the stamina and strength of your characters.

Although you may do wonders in terms of climbing, you may suffer to death because of the wrong resource selection. You have limited space to take goods with you, and you need to use every millimeter of space wisely. Otherwise, you may not be able to beat the odds just because of poor item selection.

If you want to take a look at the game, you can head to Insurmountable’s Steam page right now. Don’t forget to follow Lawod on social media to discover more video games.

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