Jumplight Odyssey Release Date and More

Jumplight Odyssey is the upcoming mix of starship management and roguelike from developer League Of Geeks. The game looks to be another fantastic-looking entry in this genre.

Armello‘s developer League of Geeks, has announced Jumplight Odyssey. This roguelike colony adventure sim will see players take control of the starship Jumplight as it flees its destroyed home planet and races toward the fabled Forever Star. The game will launch in Early Access on Steam for PCs on August 21, with PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S versions planned for release afterward.

Jumplight Odyssey is inspired by a broad range of sci-fi anime, including Battleship Yamato, Voltron, and Gundam Wing. As your ship speeds from one planet to the next, you’ll manage its growing crew while preparing for upcoming leaps by securing explosive turrets and charging up warp engines.

In Jumplight Odyssey, basically, you will be tasked with balancing resource management and crew happiness as they explore different star systems. You’ll need to dispatch crew members on missions, rescue new recruits, and build upon the spaceship while also defending against surprise Zutopan ambushes. 

The game’s art style looks to be heavily influenced by Saturday morning cartoons which should provide for some fun combat and exploration sequences. The video game industry sometimes feels like it’s locked in an arms race for the most realistic graphics, so it’s nice to see a project with such a clear visual identity.

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Jumplight Odyssey Release Date and More 3

Jumplight Odyssey Gameplay Features

As we mentioned before, Jumplight Odyssey is a spaceship management and roguelike game from League of Geeks, the team behind Armello. It aims to harmonize FTL-like gameplay with an old-school anime art style. 

You’ll manage resources, define your leadership style, and make critical decisions to maintain hope aboard the SDF Catalina. Assign crew members across a variety of divisions, from science and engineering to combat and supply. Dispatch pilots to gather resources and rescue new members to expand the crew. Defend against surprise Zutopan ambushes as they relentlessly pursue you across the galaxy.

Every run of Jumplight Odyssey lasts just an hour, and losing your ship and crew can be devastating. Thankfully, you’ll have the chance to replay each run with a different crew and build a layout. And, of course, you can put your ship’s adorable pig. You’ll need it since disasters are waiting around every corner.

Jumplight Odyssey Lawod ss 1
Jumplight Odyssey Release Date and More 4

Jumplight Odyssey Release Date

Melbourne-based developer League of Geeks is no stranger to the digital board game world, having brought us the grim fantasy tabletop game Armello

But their debut in the space-set arena with Jumplight Odyssey is a bold departure with its 70s anime influences and deep systemic gameplay. It’s due to hit Steam Early Access on August 21, with PS5 and Xbox Series X|S versions planned for release following the game’s period in early access.

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