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As the name suggests, League of Pixels is an Indie Game developed in Pixel Art style by indie game developer Danius. League of Pixels, which has simple logic and is a very easy-to-play game. League of Pixels is a game inspired by League of Legends. In short, it is a game where you destroy the enemy turret in order to capture your opponent’s base and push the minions fighting you into the enemy nexus. To learn more, let’s take a closer look at the League of Pixels.

League of Pixels Gameplay Trailer

Before talking about League of Pixels in more detail, you can watch the League of Pixels trailer below to get an idea about the game. It is an official gameplay trailer that gives you an idea about the game. League of Pixels trailer is published by Danius’, the developer of the game, official Youtube channel.

League of Pixels in a Nutshell

League of Pixels is a game developed in Pixel-Art style, as I mentioned before. There are 3 different modes in the game. The first of these is the Solo mode. In this mode, you fight against AI as a solo. The second mode is the Spirit-screen PvP mode. This mode is a mode that you can play with your friend on the same computer on a split-screen. The third and last mode is the Online PvP mode. You can play with other League of Pixels players online in PvP mode.

We can say that the logic of League of Pixels is similar to League of Legends. There are 14 different characters in the game, and each one has its own distinct features. With these characters, you will try to capture your opponent’s base and push 5 minions into the enemy nexus.

league of pixels characters
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League of Pixels Characters

CharecterAKAAttackSelect a ChampionUltimate
SparrowThe Lone BladeUsing an ability charges Sparrow’s Sword, knocking up the enemy on her next basic attack.Quickly dashes to stun the enemy for 0.2 seconds, dealing 175% damage.Sparrow unleashes the power of her sword, dealing 100% damage, plus 12% of the enemy’s missing health.
FlinThe HunterPassive: Hitting skills apply 3 marks.
Hitting a marked target with basic attacks triggers one mark, dealing an additional 40% of damage.
The 3rd mark deals 80% of damage instead.
Flin charges a sniping arrow, dealing 150% damage.Shoots a volley of 4 arrows, dealing 70% damage per arrow hit and slowing the target by 20 for 1.
i’CheatA Very Special PenguinThrows a snowball to deal area damage, slowing the enemy by 10 for 0.4 seconds. Can stack multiple times. Shoots 3 shards of ice, each dealing 120% damage and slowing the enemy by 15 for 1.75 seconds. Hitting all 3 shards deals an additional 120% damage and applies a 0.3 second stun.Slides on the ground for 0.5 seconds, gaining 60 speed and leaving behind a trail of ice. Enemies on the trail take 125% damage per second.
FoxyRapid Fire FoxAfter 4 shots, Foxy has to reload for 1.1 seconds, scaling with attack speed.Shoots a powerful bullet, dealing 200% damage, stunning the enemy for 0.7 seconds and knocks him back. Relods youe ammo.Spend all your left ammo to spray a wave of bullets, dealing 50% damage per bullet.
HazelSquirrel of Justice2-hit combo. The 2nd hit slows by 0 for 0.4 seconds, dealing 60% damage and an additional 100% damage after a brief delay.Quickly dash to deal 150% damage, knocking the enemy back and stunning for 0.6 seconds.Charges Hazel’s hamme to unleash a powerful strike, dealing 200% damage and knocking up enemies for 0.9 seconds.
KiraThe TricksterUnleash 4 sparks, each dealing 25% damage.
Enhanced: Creates 4 long range missliles, each dealing 50% damage.
Summons 4 shards from void, each dealing 90′ damange.
Enhanced: summons 4 additional shard.
Dash a short disdance adn teleport back after 1.2 seconds. Enhances Kira’s book.
Enhanced: Pulls Kira’s clone to her instead of teleporting back, dealing 300% damage to enemies in the path, stunning them for 1.5 seconds.
AlvarThe Divine FighterThree hit combo, dealing 100% damage per hit. The third hit knocks the enemy up for 0.5 seconds. Charge towards the enemy to throw him behind you, dealing 130% damage and knocking him up for 1 seconds. Only usable whne the enemy is knocked up.
Charge behind your enemy, dealing 180% damage, stunning him by 0.75 seconds and kicking him towards Alvar’s direction.
BunninjaThe Shadow CarrotSlash adn stab combo. Slash deals 40% damage, while stab deals 80% damage.Throws out 3 shuriken which return back to you after a short time. Each shuriken deals 70% damage on the way out.
Shuriken deals 70 % damage on the way back and slow the enemy by 0 for 1.25 seconds for each hit.
Throws an attacking carrot. On recast, teleports to the carrot’s location, dealing 200% damage, and stunning the enemy for 0.5 seconds.
BelleThe Thorny SeductionShoods an expolsive thorn. Throws a snapping vine to deal 200% damage, staying attached for 1 seconds. When stayed attachrd untill the end, the target is stunned for 1.25 seconds and takes an additional 50% damage. Jumps in the air to drop 3 seed bombs which attach to enemy, slowing by 10 adn dealing 120% damage over 2 seconds. At the end of the duration, the bomb explodes to deal an additional 115% damage. Further hits with seeds instantly explode instead of attaching them.
KumihuThe Charming SpiritKumihu sends out a spray of spirit fire, dealing 120% damage. Throws an orb and returns it back to Kumihu, deals 145% damage on the way out and 145% damage on the way back. Dashes a short distance. The next basic attack deals 250% damage and makes the enemy run towards Kumihu for 1 second. Hitting the enemy player also heals Kumihu by 0% of her damage.
PrimThe EnergeticSummons 3 pieces of shocking energy, dealing 40% damage each. Sends your ball forward to creates a shockwave at your ball’s location, dealing 200% damage, while applying a 10 slow for 1 second. Picking up ball provides you width a brief 20 speed buff.Creates a disruptive shockwave at your ball, pulling enemies into it for 1.5 seconds adn dealing 175% damage.
ArelThe Ticking PhaseShoots multiple bullets, dealing 100% damage per bullet. Using an ability stores an additional bullet, for up to 2.Quickly tumbles forward. Throws a ticking bomb, dealing 200% damage. Hitting a bullet increases the bomb’s damage by 50% of your damage, up to 3 times. At 3 marks, the enemy is also stunned for 1 second.
VeilThe Samurai’s FaithVeil strikes with her Katana, dealing 50% damage. Charged: deals 150% damage instead and increase the range. Throws shuriken at your enemy, dealing 150% damage and providing Veil with a 30 speed buff. Charges Veil’s weapon.2 Charges.
Uncharged: Rolls over your enemy, dealing 150% damage and stunning for 0.5 seconds. Charges Veil’s weapon.
Charged: Consumes a charge to perform an executing strike, dealing 240% damage instead.
PuppeteerMaster of StringsCommand your puppet forward to strike the enemy.Cour puppet dashes a short distance, dealing 150% damage. Throws a trap. Hitting the enemy deals 200 damage and strings him to the trap for 3 seconds. If the enemy leaves the stirng, he takes %, is tunned for 0.8 seconds and pulled back.
league of pixels split screen
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League of Pixels Download

League of Pixels is a free-to-play game. Danius, the developer and publisher of the game, has installed the League of Pixels on various platforms. Below you will find download links for League of Pixels. League of Pixels is currently only available in a downloadable version for Microsoft Windows computers. But let’s remind you that you can also play the game through the browser.

League of Pixels on itch.io

League of Pixels is a game developed and published by an independent developer. For this reason, you can play and download the game for free on itch.io, the number one platform for indie games.

League of Pixels on itch.io

League of Pixels on Steam

Danius, the developer of League of Pixels, added the game to the Steam store. If you wish, you can add League of Pixels to your library for free or download it to your computer and start playing.

League of Pixels on Steam

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