Len’s Island Early Access is Available on Steam

Len’s Island is a newly released indie action-adventure game that is available on early access on Steam. If you like to play life simulation games like Coral Island and legendary Stardew Valley, you should definitely check this game out. Here, we’ve covered everything you should know about Len’s Island. This includes the gameplay and our opinions about why you should play it on early access.  

Len’s Island is a base building and crafting game that takes place in an open world. Basically, you’ll build your dream base that helps you survive despite all challenges. Besides building and exploring, you’ll also have to fight and loot enemies, which makes this game unique. You’ll also farm to provide food for yourself. The game was developed and published by Flow Studio on November 26, 2021. 

We believe that many survival lovers will enjoy Len’s Island a lot. It offers a unique adventure, great mechanics, and graphics for its players. In this respect, we can easily say that you’ll enjoy your time while playing it.

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Len's Island Early Access is Available on Steam 2

When it comes to gameplay, you are going to control Len. He is a traveler that arrives on an island only with his backpack. You need to help him create a peaceful life on his lonely journey on this island. Of course, this will be a great challenge for you, but if you can spare time and make the right decisions, you can create your own heaven on earth. 

Besides building your own village, you will also explore the island. You will explore caves, encounter creatures, fight and loot them. In addition to this, you need to build a sustainable shelter for yourself. For this purpose, you need to farm various crops to make your life easier. 

Len’s Island Editor Opinion 

As we noted before, there are many survival games on the market. However, almost none of them combine life simulation, farming simulation, action, and fight. In addition to this, Len’s Island is a highly relaxing game that will want you to keep playing more. 

If you are looking for a fun and addictive game that you are going to enjoy your time, then this is it. Considering that Len’s Island is on early access right now, you can be one of the first players to enjoy the new features. Thus, you should not miss this opportunity to enjoy Len’s Island. 

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