Stardew Valley – Short Review of a Farm Simulation Life RPG Game

Are you looking for a game that is simple to play and will relax you as you play? Stardew Valley can be a game that can meet your wishes. Stardew Valley is a farm simulation life RPG game that doesn’t tire you with its simple gameplay and relaxes you with its impressive soundtracks. So, Let’s get you to details about Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley Gameplay Trailer

Before we start to talk about the details of the game, let’s watch Stardew Valley’s gameplay trailer to see better what we’ll talk about. We always find gameplay trailers beneficial because they show us much more things than cinematic trailers. But, admit that, watching cinematic trailers exiting us, right? Anyway, you can watch the gameplay trailer of the game published on PlayStation‘s official Youtube account below.

Stardew Valley in a Nutshell

Stardew Valley is a simulation RPG game that came into our lives about five years ago, and later it managed to be one of the most successful farm simulation games. Rumors say that this game was inspired by Harvest Moon. However, we can say that Stardew Valley has developed the dynamics and features of the game and carried these kinds of farm simulation games much further. And become a role model for future games, like Roots of Pacha and Coral Island.


In this game, you will restart your life with the grandfather’s letter. You want to change your life in a moment when you feel like you have fallen into emptiness in the difficulties of modern life. At this moment, after 20 years of your grandfather’s death, you’ll open and read your grandfather’s letter. In this letter, your grandfather gave you the chance to change your life, and this letter will move you to Pelican Town.

Basically, you can do everything in this game, such as farming, foraging, fishing, and mining. Before you start the game, you’ll personalize your character and select a map among five different maps, including Standard Farm, Riverland Farm, Forest Farm, Hill-top Farm, and Wilderness Farm. Don’t forget to choose the map according to the job you want to master. For example, if you want more fishing in the game, Riverland Farm will be the best option for you.


One of the most liked sides of Stardew Valley is you can play the game with your friends online–multiplayer. You can invite your maximum of four friends to your farm. Thus, you can work together to build a growing farm, share resources, and build relationships with each other.

All in all, Stardew Valley is a farm simulation and life role-playing game that you will enjoy while playing that doesn’t bother you but rather relaxes you. Although the most significant feature of the game is that you can play with your friends in multiplayer, it may be a little less to be able to add a maximum of four friends to your map. If you want to discover more games like Stardew Valley, stay tuned to Lawod.

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