Long Awaited Battle Royale Super People Release Date Revealed

Finally, the official release date of Super People has been revealed! This free-to-play game will only be available on Steam, and it seems like it is going to be the new PUBG. According to the official Steam page of Super People, the game will be available in early access mode!

The official early access release date of Super People is set to be October 11, 2022. So, we have less than a month to enjoy this fantastic game. If you still do not know what it is about, then we believe you are going to love this review.

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Long Awaited Battle Royale Super People Release Date Revealed 2

What Is Super People?

Super People is a completely free-to-play battle royale game that introduces a wide range of classes to players. Depending on your preferences, you can play it in third-person or first-person view and try to be the last man standing on the map.

In each game, you can choose one of the “Super People” and enjoy different mechanics that will boost your overall gaming experience. The game will take place on an island called Orb, and it is full of research facilities, a diverse biome, and many tactical points. Just like in all battle royale games, you will fight to survive!

Will Super People Worth Your Time?

If you love shooting games, but especially fast-paced games, then we assure you that this game will appeal to you. Moreover, it offers a battle royale concept, which can boost excitement. The fact that you can choose between various classes makes the game much funnier and more diverse.

Considering that the game will be completely free, we believe that it will have a huge fan base. This is why you are going to find games easily and match up with players with the same skill set. We highly recommend giving this free game a try and making your decision after you play a few games with each class. If you want to learn more about download options, you can check out our Super People Download article.

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