Long-Awaited Elden Ring is Available on Pre-Purchase

Elden Ring is one of the most anticipated fantasy action role-playing games. Finally, developers made an official announcement about the release date of this amazing game. Moreover, the game is available on pre-purchase right now on Steam and other platforms.

If you would like to learn more about Elden Ring as well as other details, such as the Elden Ring release date, then keep reading! We have covered everything you might want to know about this most anticipated dark fantasy game in the world. Additionally, we have shared our opinions about why you should play Elder Ring at the end of this guide.

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Elden Ring In A Nutshell

Elden Ring is one of the dark fantasy games that attracts attention with its difficult gameplay. If you like Dark Souls, then you shouldn’t miss your opportunity to play this great game too. The game was developed by the same developers, i.e., FromSoftware Inc, and is going to offer the same kind of difficulty level.

Thus, the game may not be an ideal choice for impatient players. Just like Dark Souls, it will require skills and patience to progress in this amazing game. You are going to play in the Elden World, and your only goal is to become the Elden King! Are you ready for the challenge?

We covered a detailed article about Elden Ring before. You can check out Elden Ring Everything We Know article if you want to dive into this upcoming dark fantasy game.

Elden Ring Release Date

As we noted before, Elden Ring is officially on pre-sale on many platforms right now, including Steam for Windows PC, PS Store for PS 4 and PS 5, and Xbox Store for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. According to the official announcement, the game will be released on February 25, 2022.

So, we have about two and a half months to enjoy this exciting dark fantasy. If you are looking for another great game to kill your time while waiting for the game, we can recommend Dark Souls for you. You can also take a look at the official teasers of Elden Ring to get more ideas about this great game.

Why Should You Play Elden Ring?

If you often get annoyed about the easy action games you play, Elden Ring can be a great alternative for you. Without a doubt, the game will be satisfying for all Dark Souls lovers. It offers a huge map where players need to explore dungeons, open fields, and much more.

In addition to this, it allows players to create their own characters. You can easily bind with the character you are going to play. Needless to say, Elden Ring will offer realistic fighting mechanics to players. This means that if a soul hits you with his giant ax, you are going to die immediately. 

If you want to learn more about this upcoming dark fantasy game named Elden Ring, stay tuned to Lawod.

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