Madison Game Review – The Best Horror Game of 2022 So Far

Madison is one of the recent launches in the psychological horror genre, and just like most indie horror games, it has already attracted plenty of attention. The game was developed and published by Bloodious Games on July 8, 2022. What makes Madison unique is that the story and gameplay revolve around using a camera.

As you might guess, Madison can also be considered a survival horror game where you need to survive and run away from a demon. The game offers a terrifying experience and many gameplay features for those who love playing horror games. 

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Madison Game Review - The Best Horror Game of 2022 So Far 3

You will be taking pictures to solve mysteries and puzzles in the game to keep progressing and surviving. It is important to explore your surroundings and take action accordingly. This first-person horror game definitely offers disturbing gameplay; therefore, it may not be ideal for younger audiences.

Basically, you are going to be locked in a room with blood on your hands. Madison is the name of the demon that was invited to our world decades ago. Over time, it empowered its power and skills, and as Luca, you have to endure his torture, but most importantly, you need to survive no matter what.

Madison is engaging in abominable acts, and the only way to send him back to his world is to complete his sinister ceremony. However, this is not as easy as it sounds. 

The game also offers different characters, which you are going to meet during your gameplay. Each character in the game has a disturbing story, which blends very well with the main storyline.

In addition, you need to be careful since you can lure additional trouble if Madison is not enough. In fact, no matter what you have done, you will be drawn into these troubles. All we recommend is paying attention to keep it at a minimum.

Madison Game Lawod ss
Madison Game Review - The Best Horror Game of 2022 So Far 4

Besides surviving, you also need to explore your surroundings, and you should do it with your camera most of the time. You need to take photos of abnormal events and then examine what is in the image. Searching everything, collecting materials, and interacting with the elements is vital to surviving in the Madison game.

One of the best parts of Madison, which also makes it unpredictable, is the random events. They are activated randomly, and you will have to solve different puzzles each time. This makes the game less boring and more playable. Therefore, we believe most gamers will enjoy it a lot.

All these features, and much more, make the game appealing to gamers who are not interested in the horror genre. Consider how much fun you can have playing Madison as a real horror game fan!

Considering its affordable pricing, quite unique concept, and randomly activated events, we encourage you to give Madison a try. We believe that you are not going to feel any regret at all. Just make sure that you put your headphones on while enjoying your time!

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