Mechabellum Review

The epic auto-battler Mechabellum was released in early access on Steam. The game takes place on the recently colonized planet Far-Away. As the commander of an army of mechs engaged in fierce PvP combat, you.

Mechabellum is an auto-battler that lets players power up and deploy armies of unique mechs to fight PvP auto-battles against other human opponents and the AI. The game features epic battles full of cinematic bombs exploding, shrapnel flying, and huge lasers cutting through the air, and it challenges players to anticipate their rivals’ choices and out-think them to win.

Mechabellum Offers Turn-based Gameplay Features With Grid-based Warfare Mechanics

This early-access title Mechabellum, from developer Game River, offers a unique take on the grid-based warfare mechanics of other battlers like Civilization VI and Stellaris

Instead of relying on turn-based combat tactics, Mechabellum‘s units are automatically deployed to the battlefield after they are selected. Rivals then select their reinforcement options for each round, and each new unit will automatically clash with an opponent’s until the last one standing wins.

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The Game Has A Diverse Unit Roster

From the nimble Wasp light aircraft to the massive Vulcan mech with twin flamethrowers, each unit has its own strengths and weaknesses. The varying attack ranges, defense capabilities, and upgrades allow players to customize their forces for maximum effectiveness on the battlefield. 

The unit roster is also diverse enough that it’s not all about picking the best mech for every situation but rather finding ways to synergize and complement a player’s army.

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Top-down View Gives Full Control of the Battlefield

The bird’s eye view of each battle in Mechabellum gives players a clear picture of the entire battlefield. While this view also helps players see all the enemy units, it can be difficult to predict how each player will deploy their army. With the ability to buy counters for each unit type, it’s important to anticipate how your rival will play each deployment and then purchase a unit that can outperform or counter it.

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Final Thoughts on Mechabellum

Mechabellum‘s combat feels like a rock, paper, and scissors game at times. Occasionally a player will make a bad call that can lead to a crushing defeat, but the game is able to keep its fun and excitement by learning from those mistakes. Minor tweaks like the ability to upgrade units so they can better handle crowds or add extra damage to a single target help even out those bad calls and turn them into victories.

With a few more polishing touches, this game has the potential to become a hidden gem that makes all your coolest gaming friends talk about it. The surprisingly mature way in which it deals with the consequences of bad decisions, the way in which its units work together to complement each other, and the excellent practice and testing mode mean that Mechabellum is much more than just another auto-battler.

With its unique twist on the auto-battler genre, Mechabellum delivers an exciting strategy game that people of all skill levels can play. It isn’t about blundering around the battlefield and blindly placing your units, but rather predicting what your opponent will do and then playing a planned response. That’s a feeling that not many other games can deliver.

If you’re interested in the auto-battler and strategy genres and looking for a new game to play in these genres, you should definitely take a look at Mechabellum, which is now available on Steam with its early access version.

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