Meet Your Maker Tips And Strategies

Meet Your Maker is a post-apocalyptic first-person base-building and raiding game. If you're new to Meet Your Maker, some basic tips and tricks can help you survive more efficiently and gather resources.

Meet Your Maker is the latest game from Behaviour Interactive, which is the developer of Dead by Daylight. In this post-apocalyptic first-person building-and-raiding game, every level is designed by players. It looks a bit different compared to other games in the genre. So, you may need these Meet Your Maker tips and strategies alongside you on your journey.

As we mention Meet Your Maker is a bit different in terms of gameplay. For instance, you can switch between roles as you mastermind devious maze-like Outposts filled with traps and guards, then gear up for methodical fast-paced combat raiding other players’ creations.

In the world of Meet Your Maker, several tips and tricks can help you make the most out of your experience. These include learning from deaths, using the replay system to hone your strategy, and playing with a friend to reduce the number of times you die in the game.

Raiding bases in Meet Your Maker is integral to the game and can be very difficult. But thankfully, there are a few tips and tricks that will help you stay alive longer and gather more resources for your Outposts.

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Try To Play Meet Your Maker With Your Buddy

The first is to play Meet Your Maker with a friend. Not only can your buddy give you an easier time with some of the harder outposts, but they can also revive you if you die.

You can co-op with a friend who is playing on the same gaming console (which means Meet Your Maker doesn’t support crossplay) to make things more fun and easier. You’ll both earn even amounts of resources and XP for finishing a raid, and if one of you dies, the other can come to your rescue.

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Explore Outposts Carefully! Traps Are Everywhere

One of the most important things to remember when playing Meet Your Maker is to always take your time while exploring outposts. There are often hidden traps and guards that can quickly incapacitate players, so it’s essential to use your head and be cautious.

The damage system in Meet Your Maker is also incredibly unforgiving and can be fatal for players that rush forward too quickly. This is why a slow and methodical approach is vital when navigating an outpost’s tight corridors.

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Place Traps Strategically

Placing traps and guards in strategic locations is a good idea to help combat in dangers. These can be placed to impede the Harvester’s path or to ward off enemies from surrounding areas. For example, traps that shoot fire or bolts are a great way to deal with the enemy. However, make sure to destroy any traps that aren’t working properly.

Alternatively, Impaler Traps are another trap you can use to punish raiders collecting ranged ammunition. These traps are typically stacked together, so look for them on angled ceiling tiles or behind fake walls.

Thankfully, an in-game replay system can help builders determine what traps are effective against certain types of raiders. This helps them refine their designs, ensuring that outposts are as difficult to navigate as possible.

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Use Your Grappling Hook To Navigate Faster

Aside from the traps, Meet Your Maker also features a grappling hook useful for navigating areas across pits and around ranged traps. This tool is a good idea for raiding as it can get you out of sticky situations, such as when you set off bomb ejectors.

As a Raider, you can be killed with a single hit, so learning to escape is critical to your survival. Meet the Grappling Hook, your new best friend. This tool is automatically equipped and provides you with incredible mobility to escape dangerous situations, such as accidentally activating a trap. For example, if you set off an AOE (area of effect) bomb trap, you can quickly grapple toward the ceiling as the explosions below detonate before safely dropping back down once the chaos has subsided.

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