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A relaxing RPG experience with lots of birds chirping in the beautiful open world nature.

Developing and designing a game is difficult. Maybe I should rephrase that; developing and designing a GOOD game is very difficult. In the beginning, there were some brave programmers creating games with little content. Along the way, the gaming industry has grown like no other business. Everyone is trying to develop a game, but finding a good one in this mass of crap is really hard. As we said, we see new indie game projects every day, and some of them are really, really good. Today, we are here to introduce one of them to you: MeetLight and the secrets of the universe. Not so catchy. But MeetLight has a solid ground with passionate developers and designers. Without further ado, here is our preview of MeetLight.

MeetLightsoon-to-be Kickstarter, is an RPG in a non-combat, visually stunning world with crafting, building, and farming. First, we wanted to introduce you to the MeetLight developer team, which has two members (for now). Kevin is the game designer and programmer, and Coralie is the 3D artist and is in charge of what we see in the universe of MeetLight. After meeting the names behind the game, let’s talk about what we know so far about its story.

The story of MeetLight is still not so clear. We know that it’s a spiritual journey to meet the living things beyond. Mornings are casual. You can farm, trade, mine, and do quests in the game. Human things, right? Later at night, when you are tired from the day, that’s the time when you start traveling in the spiritual realm. See the past or access hidden places to resolve mysteries, and get help and answers from powerful beings. The most exciting part should be here because there are many games out there with similar in-game mechanics. Considering it’s a non-violent game, it must have an engaging story to keep us in the game. We don’t know about you, but many gamers can’t feel excited enough without a life threat.

Now, it’s time to go over what we know for sure. Keep in mind that the game is still being developed. So, even if we said, “for sure,” some features might change in the upcoming days. We didn’t see anywhere they mentioned this, but we just wanted to remind you of this just to be sure.

Forging will be the main job of the game because of its story. Anna, the protagonist of the story, has suffered a tragedy and followed in her uncle’s footsteps by becoming the new blacksmith of the village. This is the feature that we most know about the game because we can see the main mechanics of mining and forging in the gameplay footage. There will also be a quality system where you can compare and upgrade your tools. Our scale in this system will be from bad to masterpiece.

Farming is not detailed very well. We can assume it’s a basic “put a seed down-water it-wait a little while-*bam* you have crops” mechanic. The interesting part is that the developers mentioned a fairy might help us. We are not sure what this means, but it sounds exciting. There is also cooking, in which we will see 50 different recipes that will fill us with the energy we will need in our adventures.

Trading is the mainstay of the game. From what we know, there will also be quests in the game. We will get these missions from the villagers. The same villagers with whom we will build trade relationships. Actually, quests are the second part that has potential. It would be interesting to see how these quests affect our trading relations with villagers or maybe even the main story. 

An open world with secrets is the thing that we (open-world RPG fans) like to hear. Meetlight will be full of secret places filled with rewards: destructible walls, old spiritual beings that need help, secret quests, and useful relics. What would be the point of the open world if the game didn’t have secret places or storytelling collectibles all around us, right? That’s why the game seems to have great open-world features.

Finally, a skill system with six (forgingfarmingcookingextractiontrading, and building) skills that you can improve with work and time. This is the grinding part of the game. From 1 to 100, your skills will increase as you practice, unlocking quality of life perks. We hope more details will be shared in time. Like, how long will it take to improve, and how much can we improve our skills, e.g., it would be great to hear more. But there is still time because the game is still under development.

Besides the gameplay features, the game looks astonishing. The colors, landscape, and overall visuals are very well-done. Developers are using Unreal Engine 4 to create this fantastic universe, so really great visuals await you in the game. The moment we saw the gameplay footage, we were amazed by MeetLight‘s world. The animations seem solid, especially when running and climbing. The general sound of the environment was a bit rough and blended. It’s not bad, it just needs a bit more softening.

Overall, MeetLight and the Secrets of the Universe is a promising title with beautiful visuals and a warm dev team. If you want to relax with lots of birds chirping in the beautiful natural world, MeetLight will be the best option for you. You will want to play the game to listen to the astounding natural world. 

Developers provide a newsteller service for the new and upcoming features. After reading its website, we instantly said, “Yep! Sign me up! “ We can’t wait to hear more about its new features and see new footage from the game. No release date has been given. But the game will come to Kickstarter soon, so be sure to follow it on Kickstarter. Also, the game has a Steam page where you can add it to your wishlist. What are your thoughts about the game? Let us know!

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