Melvor Idle Astrology Modifiers Guide

Check out Lawod's Melvor Idle Astrology guide and increase your Astrology skills to the master level.

Melvor Idle, with its intricate gameplay mechanics and vast array of features, offers a unique gaming experience. One such fascinating aspect is its Astrology system. In this article, we delve into what Astrology is in Melvor Idle and highlight the best Astrology modifiers to enhance your gameplay.

What is Astrology in Melvor Idle?

Astrology is a skill in Melvor Idle that allows players to gain various bonuses and effects based on celestial alignments and constellations. Similar to the Agility skill, it provides passive buffs to various other skills in Melvor Idle

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The Astrology system adds an extra layer of strategy to Melvor Idle as players can choose modifiers that best align with their playstyle and goals. However, it’s not just about passive bonuses. Maximizing its benefits requires active engagement and planning.

To level up Astrology, players need to study various constellations, starting with the Deedree Constellation at level 1. The study has a base interval of 3 seconds per action, and it doesn’t cost any resources. After each action, players receive an Astrology experience and a Mastery experience for the Constellation. Additionally, each study action has a chance to provide Stardust, Golden Stardust, or to discover a Meteorite.

As you level up your mastery in each Constellation, modifiers will be unlocked, and the buff can be upgraded by spending Stardust or Golden Stardust. The maximum level for Golden Stardust buffs is 5, while for Stardust buffs, it is 8.

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Studying Astrology Modifiers in Melvor Idle

Each Constellation has 6 predetermined Stars, or aka modifiers, which are unlocked by increasing the Mastery Level of the Constellation

Upgrading Stars that provide standard modifiers will cost you Stardust while upgrading Stars that provide unique modifiers will cost you Golden Stardust. Remember, the modifier starts at 0, so you need to use the appropriate type of Stardust to benefit from a Stars modifier.

The maximum number of upgrades you can put into a Star modifier is determined by the type of modifier. Standard modifiers can go up to level 8, whereas unique modifiers can only go up to level 5.

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Studying the highest level of Constellation that is unlocked is also recommended. To reach 80 Mastery in each Constellation before moving on, as this will unlock 5 Modifiers for each Constellation. These modifiers will provide decent bonuses for other skills. This approach will slow down leveling, but it will grant various benefits to other skills.

Secret Stardust Potions can be used to increase the rate of leveling, but it is advisable to use them only if high levels of preservation and doubling can be obtained. This will maximize the amount of potions created per Stardust used. Using Alchemist’s Bags can also reduce potion usage while training the skill.

The table below lists the amount of time that would be spent training on each Constellation, assuming that neither XP boosts nor action interval reductions are applied. Therefore, players should expect to reach Level 99, and subsequently Level 120, significantly quicker than is stated below. For example, maxing the Astrology Skill XP and Interval Modifiers within Variel will negate one day of training from 100-120. Reaching -20% Astrology interval and +24% Astrology (arbitrarily chosen percentages, but easily obtainable) will make Levels 100-120 take 4 days less–a 40% decrease in time.

Deedree1-10 5 00:11:33
Iridan 10-20 13 00:12:45
Ameria 20-30 21 00:21:12
Terra 30-40 29 00:41:09
Vale 40-50 37 01:26:39
Syllia 50-60 45 03:11:33
Arachi 60-69 53 07:17:39
Ko 70-80 61 17:03:18
Tellus 80-90 69 1 days, 16:35:00
Hyden 90-95 77 1 days, 13:04:09
Qimican 95-99 85 1 days, 17:47:36
6 days, 05:52:33
Qimican 99-100 85 13:18:05
Variel 100-105 155 2 days, 01:34:09
Haemir 105-110 235 2 days, 05:38:26
Rosaniya 110-115 335 2 days, 13:44:09
Ashtar 115-120 4752 days, 23:26:05
10 days, 09:40:53
16 days, 15 hours, 33 minutes, 26 seconds

Overall, in Melvor Idle, the Astrology system provides a unique way to customize your gameplay experience. Whether your focus is on combat, crafting, resource gathering, or magic, there’s an Astrology modifier to suit your individual needs. By strategically selecting the right modifiers, players can significantly enhance their efficiency and effectiveness in Melvor Idle. Keep in mind that the best modifier for you will align with your personal playstyle and objectives.

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