MotoGP 22 Released! What Is New?

It’s 2022, and finally, MotoGP 22 has been released. It is one of the most anticipated motorcycle games in the world. This year, MotoGP is coming with a bunch of new features, which we believe that most gamers will enjoy a lot! The improved AI performance and the three new features will definitely stand out in MotoGP 22.

This licensed Grand Prix Motorcycle simulation offers the iconic venues, riders, and teams of the 2022 MotoGPMoto2, and Moto3 seasons to racing lovers. The game was released for Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and 5, and PCs.

Besides single-player career and racing modes, you can enjoy a competitive multiplayer experience in MotoGP 22. Players will also enjoy podium and pre-grid scenes for riders. Needless to say, MotoGP 22 offers better and more realistic track surfaces and tire physics.

MotoGP 22 New Features

As you know, in MotoGP 21, the developers introduced two new mechanics, which were the Bike Recovery system and the Long Lap Penalty. In MotoGP 22, these two mechanics were improved and will be available with additions. Of course, these are not all!

Regardless of the production budget, all driver or riding games must offer great performance on the tracks. Mechanics such as setups, braking, handling, and even the behavior of AI are the elements that can boost the gaming experience of players.

In this regard, we assure you that the new simulation mechanics of MotoGP 22 can easily satisfy gamers. You will not have to worry about your bike lifting its rear and throwing you on the side of the road.

Unlike the previous games, MotoGP 22 has a slightly dark art but offers a more stable riding experience. On the other hand, the learning curve for the game is a bit steep, just like in the previous games. It is quite natural for new players to feel overwhelmed at the beginning of the game. However, if they are patient enough, they will have a chance to race for the best teams in MotoGP.

MotoGP 22 lawod ss
MotoGP 22 Released! What Is New? 2

You also need to know how to ride a bike in real life. Otherwise, get ready to fall at least a hundred times before you successfully complete a track. It is recommended to use the rear brake in the first few stages to reduce the number of falls you are going to experience. It is quite natural for new players to use brakes for half of the race.

You will already find plenty of braking zones on the tracks, but once you get used to the mechanics, we assure you that you are going to enjoy MotoGP 22 much more than the 2020 or 2021 games.

There is also a new, improved mechanic for holeshot devices. These devices are used on the bikes to reduce the number of wheelies at the start of the races. Basically, it lowers the rear of your motorcycle, which gives you more traction. Of course, as you keep riding in a straight line, the height of the rear will be increased so that you can enjoy higher top speeds on your bike.

This mechanic is optional, and you can manually activate it in the game. Thus, it is one of the important mechanics that you can use during the races. We highly recommend using this feature since it improves the gaming experience and provides great satisfaction to racers.

You may not need to use it in single-player career mode, but it is definitely a must for online racing and high AI difficulty levels. In short, MotoGP 22 offers many innovations and an enhanced gaming experience to players, which you need to try! You can find the game on Steam for $49.99

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