Mullet Mad Jack OST – Listen All The Tracks in the Album

Hey there, fellow gamers and music enthusiasts! Today, we’re delving into the heart-pounding, adrenaline-fueled realm of Mullet Mad Jack OST. If you’ve played the game, you already understand how vital the music is in shaping the overall experience. Let’s get into the OST and listen to the album’s songs.

The Mullet Mad Jack OST is composed by the highly acclaimed Fernando Pepe and Mateus Polati. What makes this soundtrack stand out is its unique blend of musical genres. From heavy metal and synthwave to orchestral and jazz fusion, the soundtrack offers a diverse range of musical styles. This diverse selection of music perfectly complements the game’s various environments and fast-paced action. Each track is carefully designed to amplify the atmosphere of the specific game level, whether you’re exploring a neon-lit cyberpunk city or traversing a dense, foggy forest.

All The Tracks in Mullet Mad Jack OST

1Jack the Mullet Mad2:40
2Asphalt Drive0:53
3This is the Grid2:53
4Golden Sun1:34
5Nakamura Plaza1:52
6Pixel Cassettes1:00
7Full Carnage3:08
8Had Enough1:35
9Laser Disco Inferno2:20
10Blackout Boulevard1:02
11Electric Dystopia2:07
12The Streamer1:40
13Byte-sized Battles1:50
14In Gods Image2:18
16Hard Reset2:05
17Second Life, sort of3:03
18High Priority Retro1:32
19Chrome Arena1:19
20Glitch in the System1:35
21Poke CRIMINAL1:49
23Can you Bossa?1:33
24Lollipop Break2:11
25Toxic Behavior1:53
28Cosmic Highway2:03
29It’s All About the Prize2:18

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