My Rusty Submarine – Play Without Download

My Rusty Submarine is a two-player co-op indie game developed by Soerb Games. In this game, you will try to go as far as possible by repairing your submarine. Let’s see how far you can go with a rusty submarine?

My Rusty Submarine is one of the fun-to-play indie games where you will explore the deepest depth of the ocean with your rusty submarine. It is really fun-to-play because nothing is solid in this old submarine. You always have to deal with a leak, cable breakage, etc.

It is a really well-thought-out game. For example, you have to constantly fill the coal-fired machines. Also, you have to pump the water out of the submarine with pumps, or you can only repair broken cables when the electricity is off.


How To Play My Rusty Submarine?

Keyboard controls:

[W][A][S][D] : move
[Space] : jump
[E] : interact

[🠔][🠖][ 🠕 ][ 🠗 ] : move
[J] : jump
[I] : interact

Gamepad controls:

[Analog stick] : move
[A]  : jump
[X] : interact

Play My Rusty Submarine Without Download

If you have a PC with low disk space, you may want to play the game without downloading it. Here, you can play the game below without downloading it. This game will be downloaded on your RAM and will be deleted as soon as you close the page.

My Rusty Submarine Download

My Rusty Submarine can be downloadable for only Windows PC on itch.IO. Before you download the game, don’t forget to support the developers, Sebastian Lieb and Jonas Förster. If you want more indie games like this to be released, a little bit of support from the developers is necessary.

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