Next Tomb Raider Will Be Built in Unreal Engine 5

Many old gamers probably remember their first crush, Lara Croft, Tomb Raider. Unfortunately, we have not heard about her for a while, but this is about to change! Of course, it will not change in the near future either. In about three to five years, we will enjoy a new Tomb Raider game.

Crystal Dynamics, which is the studio behind the Tomb Raider series, recently announced that they started to work on the next Tomb Raider gameMoreover, the new game will be built on the Unreal Engine 5! The team announced that the new game will take full advantage of Unreal Engine 5 features to offer a breathtaking adventure to gamers.

Since Crystal Dynamics recently announced this news, it is still a mystery what the new game will look like. If you remember, the last Lara Croft game, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, was released in 2018 and is referred to as the last chapter of the Survival Trilogy that focuses on how Lara Croft turned into a treasure hunter.

This was the main concept of all previous Tomb Raider games, and according to Crystal Dynamics, the new game will combine the survival trilogy and all the previous games. Remember, some of the old games used to include creatures and characters such as dragons and ancient Egyptian wizards, and much more!

Tomb Raider
Next Tomb Raider Will Be Built in Unreal Engine 5 2

Such concepts and mechanics can make any game quite interesting, and we believe that the new Tomb Raider game can easily compete with new games. In fact, if they include such elements and mechanics, the Tomb Raider series may even attract the attention of newer gamers and increase their fan base.

Although it is pretty early to talk about the release date, we can note that Crystal Dynamics recently hired one of the notable designers in the industry. This designer is Jeff Ross, who was the lead designer of Days Gone. He tweeted about his new position on Twitter at the beginning of this week.

Jeff Ross has plenty of experience in third-person action games, and when we combine his experience with the popularity of Tomb Raider, we are pretty sure that the game will be another classic.

In our opinion, we will have to wait a few years to enjoy the new Tomb Raider game. However, we also believe that it will be worth waiting for the new game. We are already quite excited about these promising developments.

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