No Man’s Sky Switch Version Coming This Summer

No Man’s Sky developer company Hello Games announced that they are putting “finishing touches” on the No Man’s Sky Switch version. Here is all you need to know.

No Man’s Sky is one of the legendary survival games, and it was initially released in 2016 for PCs. After the game managed to attract the attention of survival game fans, console versions of the game were released back to back. According to the latest announcements from the developers of the game, the No Man’s Sky Switch version is coming this summer, and there will be no delay in the release date.

Here is what the developers said in the press release of the new Leviathan Expedition: “In the background, the rest of our small team have been hard at work putting the finishing touches to, among other things, the Nintendo Switch version and some large upcoming updates.

No Man Sky Switch Release Date

For now, the release date of No Man Sky is known as “Summer 2022.” Even though there is a lot of news and statements about it, we don’t know the exact release date for the game. The game is listed on the Nintendo eShop, but pre-order is not available.

What to Expect From No Man’s Sky Switch Version?

No Man’s Sky The Nintendo Switch version will be the complete version of the original game. This means that all 20 major updates will be playable on the Switch version of the game.

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