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Farming sims are usually fun and relaxing to play. They all have similar gameplay elements like collecting crops, feeding animals, and gathering resources for new buildings (like farms, barns, houses, and so on). Gaming has grown a lot. Bringing up original games gets more difficult each year. In this coverage, we will be talking about a game with an original concept but with flaws that bring it down in many cases. Today, we will be reviewing the apocalyptic farming sim No Place Like Home. We have a playthrough on Lawod’s YouTube channel that you can watch and get an idea of how it looks. You can also read Anika’s No Place Like Home review on Lawod to get a different point of view.

No Place Like Home is a farm sim in an apocalyptic world. A world where you clean up (actually hoover up) trash and chickens party. The game was developed by Chicken Launcher and published by Realms Distribution. The original concept we mentioned before is the premise. The world is filled with trash by humans. Because of this, they are going to Mars.

Our protagonist is one of them. While flying to Mars, she changes her mind to check on her grandfather and his gang and turns back to Earth. Until this point, the world is full of trash, humans going to another planet, and an antagonist that changes her mind for a better cause. These are not very original. But mixing them in a farm simulator is interesting. Besides the main story, there are some side quests that explain the world a little bit more. Because of this, there is not much to say about the story right now. The second part is about the gameplay, where the game does its best and worst.

At first, we pick a gameplay mode. It’s either creative or adventure mode. In creative, as you might have guessed, you have everything, and Adventure mode is casual gameplay. We recommend you start with Adventure mode because you will enjoy your time while exploring the world. The gameplay starts with a well-made tutorial. At the start, the game really shows us what we need to do to survive and clean our planet. Many games tend to explain bits and bits as you progress.

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No Place Like Home tells you what to do and leaves you with it. In the game, we hoover up countless mountains of trash. It is very satisfying. Many players might get bored after some point. But if you are a Minecraft fan, you will be relaxing while cleaning the Earth. We hoovered up the thrash, so what? Collecting resources will lead to crafting many items and building places that will help you through your journey.

Harvesting and growing your plants is simple. Actually, this is one of the parts where NPLH gets a bit dull. In farming sims, we expect more complicated and challenging farming. And taking care of animals is mostly effortless. Partying with chickens is always fun, and they look fabulous while wearing hats. Farm customization is good enough too. But it is sad to see farming is where the game doesn’t do it. Besides this, the effects are decent.

And combat is not satisfying and is disconnected from the main gameplay. While confronting enemies, we felt ”Let’s get it over with. I have things to do”. Combat doesn’t necessarily need to be tough. But it shouldn’t feel like an errand as well. The game has beautiful colors all around. Visuals and drawings in cutscenes are pretty and heartwarming. Seeing the world full of trash isn’t heartwarming, of course. But talking chickens and cute houses are.

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Bottom line: No Place Like Home is a fun game. Missing complexity in farming and basic combat are the parts that make the game fall. What we can suggest is adding more challenges to farming. For instance, crops die if not watered for a long time or seasons that allow several seeds to grow. As for combat, examples can be: adding weapon types or using the environment to your advantage could be interesting. Of course, it’s easier said than done.

From what we see, the game has potential. Chicken Launcher has put up a game with a powerful concept. We hope to see its growth in the near future. You can find No Place Like Home on Steam for $19.99. What are your thoughts and feelings about the game, sim fans? Comment down below.

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