No Place Like Home – Third Person Farming Game

No Place Like Home is a post-apocalyptic farming game with an interesting story. The game was released a few weeks ago, and it has already received great feedback from players. It takes place in the near future, when mankind has left our planet and inhabited Mars.

The game was developed by Chicken Launcher and published by Realms Distribution on March 17, 2022. It offers a great farming simulation experience for players. Besides, you are going to enjoy a great base building, crafting, and role-playing game in No Place Like Home. We believe that you are going to enjoy your time a lot!

No Place Like Home Story

After mankind left the world to live on Mars, only a few people stayed on, and now it is time to restore it. You will explore the world, domesticate animals, create your own farm, and live your own adventure. For this reason, you are going to use everything you can find and recycle it to build a cozy village for yourself and your animals.

Are you ready to make the world great again? If so, No Place Like Home offers you this opportunity. By cleaning the environment and recycling resources through crafting, you can create your own clean world in this game. You are going to play Ellen Newland, who planned to visit her grandfather before taking the last spaceship to Mars.

However, she notices that her grandfather is missing, and she decides to stay and find her grandfather. Meanwhile, she also takes care of the destroyed village of her grandfather as well. You need to take care of everything on the farm while expanding it by domesticating new animals, improving the facilities, and crafting new equipment.

No Place Like Home - Third Person Farming Game lawod ss
No Place Like Home - Third Person Farming Game 2

No Place Like Home Gameplay

No Place Like Home is a complete farming simulation game where you will take care of your animals and crops. You can explore the world to find new seeds, plant them, and cook delicious foods to trade for goods that you may need.

The game offers different zones for players to explore as well. You are going to find many animals that are lost in the valley. Take them to your village to provide shelter and benefit from their byproducts. You will also throw parties to boost the moods of your animals and ensure harmony on your farm.

No Place Like Home also allows players to decorate their homes, which is a great bonus to personalize your adventure. You can find this great game on Steam and purchase it for $19.99.

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