Not for Broadcast Review

Not For Broadcast lets you be the man behind TV shows.

Would you like to take part in the entertainment industry? If so, then Not for Broadcast offers a great simulation experience for you! You are going to be the man behind the scenes on television, and make sure that all your audience engages with the show you are going to run!

Depending on your skills and success, you can attract better celebrities to your show, and you can re-write television history! The game offers plenty of mechanics for the players and gives you a chance to be the king of your studio. Of course, you have to strive for a rating!

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Not for Broadcast is an amazing simulation game that takes place in a television studio. Your goal is simple, but it isn’t easy. Here are your goals: keep the attention of the audience, censor naughty celebrities, and control all the cameras so that the audience won’t miss anything during the shows!

The game offers a great point-and-click adventure with a full-motion video experience. In this respect, it is one of the unique games that you can find on the market. It was developed by NotGames and published by tinyBuild on January 25, 2022. What makes Not for Broadcast so popular is that it managed to receive overwhelmingly positive feedback in a very short time.

As we mentioned before, you are going to control the shows that many celebrities will attend. Thus, you will feel pressure on yourself. It will be hard to improve the ratings of your show. However, we believe you will easily get the game and rock TV history!

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Not for Broadcast Gameplay

You will be controlling a live show where they need to focus significantly to not miss anything in that show. You are going to manage multiple camera feeds, determine the best times to display ads, censor the bad language, and tweak the headlines to keep the audience watching your show!

It is going to be fun to allow scandals to deliberately attract the attention of your audience. You’ll also need great editing skills to make sure that your audience will be entertained during the show. Make sure that you smash the big red sensor button to block the bad languages. It is important to keep the younger audience.

Moreover, you will also censor other sensitive content to appeal to a general audience. Depending on the success of your show, you will find more sponsors as you progress and can use the ads to generate income for your show. Since you will be the chairman of the entertainment industry, money matters a lot, and you will do everything to increase your reputation and make more money.

This will not only bring you more achievements, but it will also help you attract new and more popular celebrities, which will contribute to your success as well. It is important to not disturb your show at any cost. If you cannot keep broadcasting, you will lose a significant portion of your audience.

This will mean that you will have to spend more time and work harder to regain your audience. In our opinion, Not for Broadcast is one of the best full-motion video and simulation games you can play in 2022 so far.

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