Nursery Rhymes Locations in Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake 2 has many surprises to discover, including Nursery Rhymes. These puzzles require placing dolls on specific symbols and can reward players with charms that improve Saga's chances in battle.

In Alan Wake 2, there are special items called Nursery Rhymes that you can collect. These are unique to Saga Anderson’s story and can be found as sheets of paper with a rhyme and symbols. There are 17 Nursery Rhymes spread throughout the game’s different areas, so you’ll have to explore with Saga Anderson to find them.

Collecting Nursery Rhymes and dolls in Alan Wake 2 is a fun side activity that can help you get useful buffs for Saga. These collectibles are spread around different zones in the game’s map, such as Cauldron Lake, Watery, and Bright Falls. Some are easy to find, while others require you to solve puzzles after you get bolt cutters in Coffee World. Our guide can help you find all of the Nursery Rhymes locations and the final puzzle solution.

Nursery Rhymes Locations in Alan Wake 2 Lawod ss
Nursery Rhymes Locations in Alan Wake 2 6

How to Solve the Nursery Rhymes Puzzle?

There are some puzzles related to Nursery Rhymes that you can solve early on in the game. However, most of them can only be completed after you have progressed further in the game. 

You will encounter Nursery Rhymes in the second chapter. These are drawings made with chalk on the ground, and they surround a piece of paper with a rhyme on it. To solve the puzzle, you need to find dolls that represent the characters in the rhyme and place them in specific locations based on the story.

When you solve the puzzle, something in the game world changes, and you get a reward in the form of a charm for Saga’s charm bracelet. Sometimes, the reward appears near the Nursery Rhyme location, and sometimes, you need to follow a trail to a different area of the map. However, be careful because some of these Nursery Rhymes also spawn enemies once you solve them.

Nursery Rhymes Locations in Alan Wake 2 7

Cauldron Lake Nursery Rhyme Locations

In Cauldron Lake, there are five Nursery Rhymes that you can discover. However, during your first visit to the area, you can only find three of them. You’ll have to come back later in the game to get the remaining two.

  1. Private Cabin Nursery Rhyme
  2. Witchfinder’s Station Nursery Rhyme
  3. Streamside Picnic Area Nursery Rhyme
  4. Rental Cabins Nursery Rhyme
Watery Nursery Rhyme Locations Lawod ss
Nursery Rhymes Locations in Alan Wake 2 8

Watery Nursery Rhyme Locations

You can find eight Nursery Rhymes in Watery, but only one can be obtained during your first adventure through the area. However, once you acquire the bolt cutters in chapter five, you will need to return for the final Nursery Rhyme, which is located in the trailer park.

You will also need to collect a Screwdriver from Coffee World. Once you have it, go to Downtown Watery and use the Screwdriver to unlock a trailer located north of Suomi Hall. Inside the trailer, you will find a drawing of a house and a jewelry drawing. Place the Maiden doll on the house drawing and the Trickster doll on the jewelry drawing to solve the puzzle.

Solving this puzzle will reward you with a special charm that will help you regain more health when you enter Safe Houses in the game. The next Nursery Rhyme puzzle can be found in a hut or a save point outside Watery. You can access it as soon as you have the Screwdriver and after defeating Mulligan and Thornton. To solve this puzzle, you need to place the Monster doll on the crow symbol, the Hero doll on the tree, and the Bear doll.

  1. North of Downtown Nursery Rhyme
  2. Radio Tower Nursery Rhyme
  3. Lighthouse Nursery Rhyme
  4. Trailer Park Dock Nursery Rhyme
  5. Latte Lagoon Dock Nursery Rhyme
  6. Ranger Cabin Nursery Rhyme
  7. Downtown Watery Nursery Rhyme
  8. Lighthouse Trailer Park Nursery Rhyme
Bright Falls Nursery Rhyme Locations Lawod ss
Nursery Rhymes Locations in Alan Wake 2 9

Bright Falls Nursery Rhyme Locations

To solve the Nursery Rhymes in Bright Falls, you only need to focus on four of them, all located in the Bunker Woods area, west of the town. However, before you can access three of them, you must complete the Valhalla Nursing Home section of the game and obtain the bolt cutters. This will allow you to reduce the flooding and reveal the Nursery Rhymes.

  1. Northern Bunker Woods Nursery Rhyme
  2. Ranger Station Nursery Rhyme
  3. Beach Nursery Rhyme
  4. Dock Nursery Rhyme
Father Doll and Final Nursery Rhyme Solution Lawod ss
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Father Doll and Final Nursery Rhyme Solution

Once you’ve completed all the Nursery Rhymes puzzles, head back to Billie’s Boat Yard in Bright Falls. Follow the black sludge footprints to the boatyard and fight off a group of Taken to find the Father doll.

Place the father doll on the eye picture downstairs, the hero doll on the heart picture upstairs, and the trickster doll on the jewelry picture to complete this nursery rhyme. The Bunker Woods beach nursery rhyme is next. This time, an enemy spawns outside the home, so defeat it quickly. Then, go into the second cabin to find the wolf and hero dolls.

After you solve the last puzzle, you’ll find a case near the Charm. Inside the case, you’ll find the Father Doll, which is important for solving the final Nursery Rhyme. Once you have the Father Doll, go to Witchfinder’s Station in northern Cauldron Lake.

You’ll hear Dr. Campbell reading a rhyme out loud when you get there. If you have trouble understanding the rhyme, don’t worry. We’ve written it down for you:

  • Our hero’s father watched over her from afar,
  • Warning her not to stay in the bright light for too long.
  • The mother and her baby tried to survive,
  • But a tricky witch opened a way to the dark lake.
  • Against all caution, our hero took a bold step,
  • Away from the sun that would have blinded her.

To solve the puzzle, you must place five dolls around the house in five locations. The dolls are a father doll, a hero doll, a mother doll, a child doll, and a trickster doll

  • Father Doll goes on the eye in the living room next to the desks. 
  • Hero Doll goes out into the sun in the first-floor bedroom. 
  • Mother Doll goes on the heart in the kitchen. 
  • Child Doll goes on the egg in the upstairs playpen. 
  • Trickster goes on the waves in the upstairs bathroom. 

Once you’ve placed all five dolls, Dr. Campbell’s message will stop repeating, and he’ll start talking to you through the radio. After a short chat, you’ll need to use your flashlight to break some dark orbs that appear around the desk. Pick up the final Charm on the table to expand your bracelet to be able to hold a fourth charm. 

This will be very useful! With this final Nursery Rhyme solved, you can add your evidence to the wall and put this side quest to bed.

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