OlliOlli World Review

OlliOlli World is a fun and new sports game where you are going to enjoy the skating adventure. If you love skating or are looking for an amazing 2D platform adventure, we highly recommend checking out this fun game.

The game was developed by Roll7 and published by Private Division on February 8, 2022. The game is available for console platforms and PCs. You can find the game on the PS Store, Xbox Store, and Nintendo Store, as well as on Steam. Although the game is available on Steam for the PC platform, you need a controller to play it. Unfortunately, keyboard controls are not supported by this fun game.

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The game takes place in a fictional world called Radlandia, which is the hometown of many skate gods. You will be completing missions for these gods and trying to prove your worth to them. In addition to this, you are an ambitious skater who wants to be the best in the world.

Besides completing missions, you will also try to take on many challenges and make new friends on your journey. By the way, you will be able to customize your character as you keep earning experience. In addition to this, you can customize the tricks and style of your skater as you keep progressing.

OlliOlli World gameplay offers amazing freedom, where you can share levels with your friends and play together with them. The game offers more than 100 tricks and various tournaments in which you can participate.

One thing that comes to the fore when OlliOlli World is in question is freedom of expression. You can customize almost every single detail of your characters, your style, and your tricks. In this way, you can establish a bond with the character you created in the game. We believe that it will appeal to a wide range of players, especially skating lovers.

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Your main goal is to be the best skater in the world, and you will undertake many challenges, missions, and side quests for this purpose. We would like to briefly talk about the utopian land of Radlandia. This land is a fictional place where skate gods live.

It has a vibrant texture, and it is the best place on earth for skating. Thus, you can consider yourself really lucky since you are going to find numerous platforms to hone your skating skills. Moreover, the challenges in OlliOlli World are highly fun, and we believe that you are going to love most of them.

OlliOlli World may be a bit challenging for those who were not interested in skating before. However, we assure you that you are going to get used to the game after ten to twenty minutes of gameplay.

Needless to say, we can easily say that OlliOlli World is a highly addictive game. The developers designed many challenges that will keep you busy. You have more than a hundred skills that you can test and perform on amazing and fun tracks.

In our opinion, whether you love skating or not, OlliOlli World is an amazing game that you need to give a try. It does not require advanced hardware to run the game. The only downside is that you need a controller to play it since keyboard controls are not supported. We bet you are going to love this amazing game a lot!

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