Only Up! Game Review – New Updates For the Viral 3D Platformer

Have you heard about the new game that's been making waves on the internet? It's called Only Up! and it's been drawing the attention of streamers from all over the world. Check out to learn more about Only Up!.

Only Up! game is an indie game that has been catching on with streamers in the past few weeks. The 3D platformer puts players in the shoes of teenager Jackie, who lives in a ghetto world with buildings and other structures reaching high into the sky. He aims to climb to the top of these twisted structures and see what lies above them. The game is difficult and surprisingly addictive, thanks to its beautiful world and upbeat soundtrack.

While Only Up! has received positive reviews from some, many others have complained about its clumsy controls and awkward player physics. These issues have caused the game to suffer from a negative user rating on Steam, which has likely hurt its sales. 

However, it appears that the developers of the game are working to address these problems with a series of updates that have already been released. That is why the game’s recent reviews are mostly positive, and considering these recent reviews on Steam, it seems that the game’s developers have solved these problems.

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With The Latest Update, You Can Now Slow Down Time in Only Up!

The most recent update for the game introduced the ability to slow down time in certain situations, such as when you’re trying to make a precise jump or are getting caught by an object. Right-clicking your mouse causes time to slow down, which is useful for both higher jumps and landings.

This new feature allows you to analyze the jump and determine if you can make it or not. It also helps you determine what you need to do differently to improve your chances of jumping.

The developers have also made some adjustments to the core jumping mechanics, notably increasing acceleration during jumps. This will allow you to better predict the trajectory of your jumps and avoid falling from the clouds or losing all of your progress.

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Only Up! Level Design

Only Up!‘s level design truly distinguishes the game. Each stage in the game appears different and difficult because the game frequently adds new challenges. When you finally master a particular mechanic, a fresh turn is presented to you.

With new obstacles to overcome and gameplay mechanics that build on what you’ve already mastered, the difficulty ramps up nicely.

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There Is No Save System or Checkpoints in Only Up!

The game’s biggest drawback is the absence of a save feature or checkpoints. You will fall straight down and have to retrace your steps if you fall off a ledge or misjudge a leap and don’t grab a piece of the map in time.

You quickly learn that even when you are close to winning the game, you can suddenly lose all of your progress and countless hours of hard work and return to the beginning. Many people are discouraged and frustrated by this unanticipated setback.

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Final Thoughts on Only Up!

Overall, the Only Up! game is a fun and engaging title that has been attracting the attention of several streamers. With its unique world and catchy soundtrack, the game will continue to rise in popularity as more streamers try it.

It’s even started a new trend in the online gaming community! While it can be frustrating at times, especially for those new to platformers, it’s definitely worth trying out despite its flaws. Give it a shot! Currently, Only Up! is only available on PC through Steam despite the rumors that Only Up! has been removed from Steam due to stolen assets.

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