Out There: Oceans of Time launched on Steam

The award-winning space exploration game Out There has got a new title named Oceans of Time after Omega Edition. Out There was a great game that bending several genres like a roguelike, resource management, and interactive fiction. With the Oceans of Time, they are starting a new chapter.

Out There: Oceans of Time is a roguelike game like its predecessor. It was developed by Mi-Clos Studios and released on May 26, 2022. The game comes with a deep narrative written by FibreTigre. We also see the names of some talented people who worked on well-known Hollywood projects on Oceans of Times. These names include screenwriter Christos Gage, who is known for his work on the TV series Daredevil, Law & Order: Special Victims, and Marvel’s Spider-Man game, and visual artist Benjamin Carré, who is known for his work on Transformers: Age of Extinction.

Your mission will be to recruit your crew after a routine voyage to dump a demigod alien in a space prison that ends badly. As Commander Nyx, you’ll explore the galaxy, where you can navigate an expansive cosmos and explore unexplored terrain to collect resources for your spaceship. You have to manage your resources well because they can be running out. You don’t want to run out of fuel in the middle of space, right?

There are also many Alien lifeforms that you can recruit to build a team in Out There: Oceans of Time. You’ll learn how to communicate with them, trade with them, and you’ll conduct diplomacy to build a coalition.

Overall, Out There: Oceans of Time offers an exciting space adventure with an epic space saga penned by FibreTigre, dialogue from Christos Gage, and cutscenes illustrated by Benjamin Carré. You can add the game to your Steam library for $22,49. If you like these kinds of space adventure games, we suggest you take a look at Elite Dangerous, which is a more complicated game with better visuals.

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