OUTER TERROR – VoxPop Games Publishing New Original Horror Action Game

If you are looking for a pixel game that could remind you of slasher and shoot-'em-up movies of the 80s and 90s, add OUTER TERROR to your wishlist. The game is being developed by Salt & Pixel LLC and is going to be released by VoxPop Games.

OUTER TERROR is a survival horror game that combines minimalist arcade fun and pulp horror. Don’t get confused with its pixel-art style because the game offers you much more than it looks, such as co-op mode that allows you to team up with one of your friends. So, what else does OUTER TERROR offer, when is it coming out, and on what platforms can we play the game? Let’s take a look at the game’s overall features and gameplay.

OUTER TERROR is not a sandbox game, but it’s very suitable to become one of them. The developer, Brandon Rodriguez, wants sandbox elements in the game and also says he would like to add more content and stories to the game, focusing more on anthology than sandbox elements.

Check out Lawod’s interview with the OUTER TERROR‘s developer Brandon Rodriguez from Salt & Pixel.

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The More You Progress, the More Creepy They Get

As you progress through the game, the dread level gradually increases. Like most action games, you may not be challenged by creatures in the early game, but soon you are confronted with creepy creatures.

Depending on the situation you put yourself into, you should watch your health bar, abilities, and weapons during your play. More creepy creatures will require more powerful weapons and skills, for sure.

Every New Chapter Brings New Difficulties

As you progress through the dungeons of the evil forces, your enemies become faster and stronger. You can better use your stacked weapons to take down your enemies. The game’s pictures are associated with some horror comic book pages in which comic book lovers may lose themselves while encountering enemies in the dark dungeons of evil.

Bigger Weapons for Bigger Creatures

Challenges from more formidable enemies don’t mean you will be sitting ducks with your starter gear and skills on the battlefield. You’ll be given more abilities and weapons as you progress through the game, improving your overall performance. The game also includes randomized weapons and upgrades other than your standard weaponry.

When Will Outer Terror Come Out?

There have yet to be any announcements regarding the release date of OUTER TERROR. The game has been under development for some time and will be released by VoxPop Games in late 2022.

The game will be available on Steam and VoxPop Games for PC. You can add OUTER TERROR to your wishlist to keep track of the game. You can automatically receive a notification when the game releases.

Outer Terror is live now. Check out Lawod’s Outer Terror Review to get more information.

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