Paralives Everything We Know

After long years of dominance of Sims in life simulation games, it seems like Paralives will change everything. This new game already had millions of fans even before its official release date was announced. If you are a true life simulator enthusiast, then you might already hear about this game. Here, we have prepared a Paralives review for you.

Below, you are going to learn more about Paralives. In this regard, we have shared a brief overview, how to play the game, and more about its release date. In addition to this, we have shared our opinions by comparing Paralives and Sims. So, we bet you will not want to miss this article!


Paralives Overview

Paralives is one of the new life simulation games that has not been released yet. The game is being developed by Alex Masse. The game is considered one of the most promising games in the life simulation genre. In addition to this, many people have believed that it will be better than Sims, and the released images look highly promising so far.

The best part of Paralives is that the community of the game can contribute to its development and have a word about the course of the game. Users can create their own mods, characters, or houses. In short, you are going to play in a parallel world as you or who you would like to be. 

Describing Paralives is highly simple. You are going to be in this amazing game. In fact, it is much better than the real world. Players can create everything they want without any limitations. You are going to build, create, live, and discover. It offers a true life experience to its players with full control over their fate.

As we noted before, you are going to live as yourself in a parallel universe. We believe that this idea is highly appealing for many players who love to play life simulation games. Thanks to its open-world design, you have unlimited experiences to enjoy.


Is There a Release Date for Paralives?

The only downside of Paralives is we don’t know how much we have to wait to enjoy this amazing game. Unfortunately, the developers didn’t share any official release date. On the other hand, we expect the game to be released in late 2022 or early 2023.

Therefore, if you have a Steam account, you may want to add Paralives to your wish list. We also believe that there will be an open or closed beta right before the official release. However, it is worth noting that these are just our opinions, and there is no official announcement about the release date.

Is Paralives Better than Sims?

Without a doubt, Sims is the first game that comes to mind when life simulation games are in question. However, Sims has been dominating the market for too many years. At one point, Electronic Arts and other developers started to neglect the preferences of players.

In this regard, we believe that the game will review the competition in this genre. In our opinion, Paralives will be a better game for many life simulation lovers. Of course, there will be some players, who will not give up on the idea of playing the classic game. If they are more open to trying new games, we believe that they are going to love Paralives a lot!

This fun game offers better graphics and mechanics. In addition to this, considering that the community can contribute to the overall development stage, it will meet the expectations and needs of players better than Sims.

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