Payday 3 Will Be Launched in 2023

It has been almost eight years since the release of Payday 2. Despite these years, the game didn’t lose anything from its popularity. If you are one of the Payday fans, we have some great news for you! Payday 3 is under development.

If you didn’t play the game yet, or you would like to learn more about the details, then keep reading! We have talked about the Payday series, the release date, and why you may want to play Payday 3. We all believe the following information will be quite enlightening, especially for new players.

Payday Series In A Nutshell

The Payday Series sold over nine million copies all around the world. They are multiplayer games where four-player cooperate to rob banks. In Payday 2, players were playing in Washington DC and robbing banks. In addition to this, players can learn and develop different skills that can be useful in their operations.

However, you do not simply rob every bank you find. Each job has a unique style and requirements, which players need to follow. While they are going to rush to the target in some of them, they may also develop a solid plan to achieve their goals.

What Is Payday 3 Release Date?

Unfortunately, the developers of the Payday series, i.e., Starbreeze Studio, didn’t announce the exact release date. They noted that they started to work on the development process, and the game will be released in 2023. As you can guess, no official trailers or additional information have been shared yet either.

Payday 3 Will Take Place in New York
Payday 3 Will Be Launched in 2023 2

Payday 3 Will Take Place in New York

On the other hand, we know where the game will take place. The second game took place in the capital, Washington DC. The third game will take place in a dream city New York! You will rob banks and take jobs as usual, together with your friends in NY. We expect to see more customization options in Payday 3 too.

Why Should You Play Payday 3?

The number of multiplayer games that require combination and a great strategy is quite low, thus you may like Payday 3. If you often enjoy playing with your friends online or meeting new players, this game offers you a great example of co-op games.

In addition to this, strategy matters a lot in the Payday series. Players can choose between five different roles that will be helpful in their jobs. Thus, you need to create a versatile game and develop great strategies according to the skills of your team members. If you love such decisions, then this game is for you!

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