Pixel of Memory – Fill The Void in One’s Soul

Leave the world jammed with noises and oversaturation and explore the dreamy world within the mind of an artist in "Pixel of Memory". The game is set to be released on October 24, 2023, on Steam.

Developed and published by Hiker Games, a relaxing retro pixel puzzle gamePixel of Memory will be released on Steam for PCs on October 24. The game stands in front with its heartfelt story of self-discovery and its nostalgic environment and soundtrack.

Pixel of Memory is a unique take on the traditional “Sokoban” and nonogram puzzles where you control an amnesiac painter named “404”, who is piecing himself back together by mending his childhood mementos. After a tragic accident, 404 struggles to remember who he is and slowly loses touch with reality. At that crucial moment, a mystical spark comes to him and brings him back to the old treehouse that he once treasured.

A Compelling Self-discovery Journey

You will discover an engaging and relatable story that explores the artist’s mind as you navigate through five different rooms. Each room represents a different stage of life, and in each one, you’ll have to solve puzzles that require both creativity and critical thinking. The goal is to place each pixel in its designated location, all while uncovering the artist’s journey.

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From the warm, cozy, messy, joyful bedroom to the ominous, bleak hospital ward, Pixel of Memory wants you to create your own version of truth through the pieces of information scattered in the quirky dialogues and each item description throughout the game. 

Who was “404”? Why did he feel conflicted when facing these beautiful childhood memories? Is he hiding something? Your quest to uncover the truth will lead you through a series of puzzles and rooms, each revealing answers to your questions one by one.

Creative and Surprising Level-designs

Your mission is to use 404’s special ability to move each piece of a picture to its correct place. But it won’t be easy! You’ll face many challenges, like black holes, fragile bricks, and all sorts of obstacles. You’ll need to come up with clever solutions to overcome them.

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Nostalgic Aesthetics Inspired by the Real-life Existential Crisis

The major themes in the game art style are serenity and simplicity. Pixel of Memory is intended to be a bittersweet and relaxing experience that everyone can enjoy at their own pace. Together with the charming soundtrack, the game ensures hours of puzzle-solving without getting tired.

We shouldn’t end this article without mentioning the success of the developer Hiker Games on this game. The idea of making Pixel of Memory comes from a small group of artists and developers from Hiker Games, who have spent the last decade working in the game industry. 

“When everything we used to be passionate about turns into tasks that need to be done, we know that it’s time to slow down. We ask ourselves “Why did we choose to be game developers in the first place?”.” – said Phuong Truong, Pixel of Memory‘s project manager. “That’s why we want to create something that is delightful for the gamers to play and enjoyable for us to make.”

Tune in with fellow dreamers in Pixel of Memory on October 24, 2023, and embark on a lovely journey. And make sure to follow Lawod on social media to explore more incredible indie games like Pixel of Memory.

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