Postal: Brain Damaged Gameplay Review

There are many classic first-person shooter games, and some of them set the bar so high that all new games suck compared to them. This makes the competition quite harsh, and the Postal franchise did its best to earn its position. Though no one can tell that it has a good ranking among first-person shooter games, Postal: Brain Damaged is the best of the franchise so far.

Unlike Postal 4, which is a huge disappointment in the series, Postal: Brain Damaged offers a slightly different experience to gamers that will take you back in time. The studio describes its new game as a “boomer shooter game,” and it has 90s-style game mechanics and gameplay. This means that it offers fast-paced gameplay, high amounts of action, exploration, and item management.

Unlike other games in the franchise, Postal: Brain Damaged has a great level of design. Also, players can explore quite a wide range of hidden areas, unlike in retro shooter games. It is pretty easy to get lost while playing the game. On the other hand, something is waiting for you to start the action at every corner. Thus, we believe that you will not get bored easily while enjoying the Postal: Brain Damaged game.

The combat mechanics of the game are decent as well. Each weapon you are going to equip has two functions, which provides diversity in your strategies. For example, you can lock onto your enemies with your smart pistol and burst four bullets at once, or you can use the grappling hook of your shotgun to get closer to your enemies quickly.

In fact, it is safe to say that Postal: Brain Damaged has so much potential, and we believe the studio wasted some of it. Nevertheless, players can easily enjoy their time while playing Postal: Brain Damaged. Unfortunately, you can still sense the scent of failure at some points, just like in the other games in the series.

Postal: Brain Damaged Lawod
Postal: Brain Damaged Gameplay Review 2

Downsides of Postal: Brain Damaged

First of all, although the studio describes its game as a “boomer shooter,” the dumb humor will not appeal to the target audience. Thus, this disturbs the players’ gaming experience a bit. The potty humor mostly appeals to teenagers, but most of these teenagers are not interested in Quake-like retro games.

Therefore, we believe that the studio made a huge mistake in terms of marketing. The game would achieve more sales with a different concept by directly targeting the right audience. Though we all laugh at a good joke, and good jokes seem quite easy to do, not everyone is capable of doing so. Without a doubt, Postal: Brain Damaged‘s team is among those who are not capable of doing one as well.

Perhaps, if they may change the scripts in the future, the game may be more appealing to a wide audience. However, we should not ignore the beauty of the level design in the game. It is quite obvious that they changed some of their team members for this game. We wish they did the same for the scripting team as well.

We tried to share every aspect of the game with you. If you do not mind really poor jokes and attempts to be funny, we believe that Postal: Brain Damaged will appeal to many players with its great level and gameplay design.

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