Postal: Brain Damaged Released!

Postal: Brain Damaged is the most recent release in the franchise, and we recommend not having any bias toward this one! If you are like most gamers, then you probably did not enjoy the Postal series. However, we assure you that Postal: Brain Damaged is totally different. Well, to be honest, it is a bit different.

Unfortunately, the game still has that stalky humor, which may not appeal to everyone, especially the older audience. On the other hand, the developers significantly improved their level and gameplay design, which makes Postal: Brain Damaged worth playing.

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Postal: Brain Damaged Released! 2

Postal: Brain Damaged Gameplay

Unlike the previous games in the franchise Postal 4: No RegertsPostal: Brain Damaged offers fast-paced gameplay with the 90s retro concept. Without a doubt, it has one of the best gameplay and level designs among recently released games. Running with Scissors calls their games “boomer shooter games.”

Undoubtedly, it is with its action-packed gameplay. In addition to this, all weapons have multiple functionalities that allow you to develop or adopt new strategies in your encounters. Players should expect a very wide map on which they can easily get lost. However, you don’t have to worry about getting bored since you will get involved in unique action at every corner.

Postal: Brain Damaged Features

So, what is new in Postal: Brain Damaged, especially when we compare it to other Portal series? First of all, it has a new hand-crafted and extremely large world to explore. If you used to love Quake, then this game will let you enjoy a similar experience with its level design and movement mechanics.

You can follow the original storyline of Postal in this game as well. This is a great bonus for those who played the other games in the series. If you have never played them before, have no worries since you will enjoy Postal: Brain Damaged a lot too.

To learn more about the game, stay tuned to Lawod since we have an upcoming review article for Postal: Brain Damaged.

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