PS Plus Free Games For December 2022

During December 2022, PlayStation Plus will have some free games for you to play. This is a great way for you to test out some of the newest and hottest games available today. Biomutant, Divine Knockout, and Mass Effect: Legendary Edition are among the PS Plus Free Games available for December 2022.

PS Plus free games for December 2022 have been announced. In the last month of the year, Sony will give away Biomutant, Divine Knockout, and Mass Effect: Legendary Edition to PS Plus members.

An open-world RPG, Biomutant, a 3D platform fighter, Divine Knockout, and the legendary edition of Mass Effect are available for play from December 6, 2022, through January 3, 2023. Here are the details:

Divine Knockout

Divine Knockout, a new 3D platform fighter made by Red Beard Games, is one of the free games for December. The game features god-like characters, multiple game modes, and 3D multiplayer action. The game will allow players to create and customize their own gods. The player will then enter the world of gods to fight other gods in a 3D environment.

It’s a great game, especially for PlayStation Plus subscribers. Divine Knockout will be available for free in December. It’s included in the PlayStation Plus Essential lineup, so all PS Plus subscribers will get access to it. It’s also being released for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.


Biomutant is another game on the free game list. This is a martial arts-heavy RPG that combines gunplay with martial arts combat. It also lets players explore an open world and make their own mutants with special skills. The game has received mixed reviews, though.

Biomutant is a third-person action game that combines open-world exploration with kung-fu combat. It’s also an intriguing game, as players can upgrade their characters through genetic mutations.

Mass Effect

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is a collection of the original three Mass Effect games and has been updated for PlayStation 4. It has all of the downloadable content from the first three games and new visual and technical improvements. PlayStation Plus free games include Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

Having the Mass Effect trilogy on PS Plus is a good gift for fans of the series. The game is a great way to introduce new players to BioWare’s critically acclaimed series.

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