PlayStation Plus Free Games December 2023

Sony recently unveiled three exciting titles for PS Plus subscribers to enjoy in this month. Check out and discover this month's PS Plus free games.

PlayStation provides its members with free games each month, making these titles available to stream online, download, and add to the libraries for both PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 owners. It’s a fantastic value at its minimum price point and makes an excellent way to discover games you may otherwise miss. 

PS Plus’ selection of free games varies monthly; PlayStation Plus May 2024 free titles include EA Sports FC 24, Ghostrunner 2, Tunic, and Destiny 2: Lightfall. These games will be available from May 7, offering a diverse range of gaming experiences​​.

If you want to try out PlayStation Plus and PS Plus free games, you can sign up directly through the official PlayStation website or enter a code from a subscription card purchased at Target, Walmart, or Amazon. The service has three tiers: Essential, Extra, and Premium. Each offers different perks and features, with the latter offering the biggest catalog of games to download.

PS Plus Monthly Games May 2024

PS Plus Monthly Games May 2024 Lawod
PlayStation Plus Free Games  10

PlayStation Plus subscribers are set for an exciting May as the service offers a diverse array of games for both PS4 and PS5. This month features the popular football simulation of EA Sports FC 24, the fast-paced action of Ghostrunner 2, the enchanting world of Tunic, and the latest expansive chapter in the Destiny 2 saga, Lightfall. Each game offers unique experiences, promising countless hours of entertainment available for free to subscribers.

EA Sports FC 24 – PS4, PS5

EA Sports FC 24 introduces a fresh chapter in the realm of football simulation games, distinguishing itself as the inaugural release after EA’s departure from the FIFA franchise. The game retains the core mechanics that fans have appreciated over the years but introduces several significant enhancements that elevate the playing experience.

Key features include more refined player animations, a more realistic physics engine, and an overhauled AI that better mimics human players, making each match feel unpredictable and exciting. This version also focuses on deepening player engagement through a comprehensive career mode that offers a more detailed storyline and progression system, allowing players to manage and grow their teams with greater granularity.

Another standout feature of EA Sports FC 24 is its commitment to inclusivity and realism, demonstrated through the inclusion of both male and female leagues. The graphics are state-of-the-art, with stadiums and player models rendered in impressive detail, enhanced by advanced lighting effects that reflect the time of day and weather conditions. Online multiplayer modes are robust, supporting competitive leagues and a variety of challenge types that cater to different skill levels, ensuring that both newcomers and veterans have something to enjoy.

Ghostrunner 2 – PS5

Ghostrunner 2 builds on the success of its predecessor, offering a heightened cyberpunk action experience that is both visually and mechanically refined. This sequel challenges players with even more complex environments and a faster, more demanding parkour system.

The addition of new gadgets and abilities allows for a broader range of strategies and gives players the tools to navigate through the intricate vertical landscapes with agility and precision. The combat system remains as brutal and satisfying as ever, requiring players to master the art of the one-hit kill to survive against increasingly intelligent enemies.

The narrative of Ghostrunner 2 expands the universe set by the first game, delving deeper into the dystopian world and its underlying lore. Players take on the role of a cybernetically enhanced warrior, fighting against a totalitarian regime that seeks to control the remnants of humanity. The game’s story is told through beautifully crafted cinematic sequences and environmental storytelling that immerse players in its rich, oppressive world. For fans of high-stakes action and futuristic narratives, Ghostrunner 2 is a thrilling journey that tests both skill and strategy in equal measure.

Tunic – PS4, PS5

Tunic offers a charming escape into an isometric adventure game that is as mysterious as it is adorable. Players control a small fox exploring a vast, ancient world filled with secrets and puzzles. The game draws inspiration from classic adventure titles but introduces its unique twists with complex puzzles and challenging combat. The minimalist art style and serene soundtrack complement the game’s exploratory nature, making for a calming yet engaging gameplay experience.

Beyond its surface-level simplicity, Tunic surprises players with a deep and enigmatic lore, unlocked through artifacts and hidden texts scattered throughout the world. Each discovery adds layers to the game’s story, encouraging players to piece together the history and significance of the world they are exploring.

Tunic is not just about combat and exploration; it’s also about solving the mystery of the protagonist’s purpose and the origins of the world itself. This makes Tunic an intellectually stimulating experience, perfect for players who enjoy unraveling a game’s narrative and its mechanics.

Destiny 2: Lightfall – PS4, PS5

Destiny 2: Lightfall propels players into a new and ominous chapter in the expansive universe of Destiny. As the latest expansion, Lightfall introduces a vibrant, neon-soaked metropolis called Neomuna on the planet Neptune. This new setting offers a stark contrast to previous environments, blending futuristic aesthetics with the mysterious, ancient elements typical of the Destiny series. Lightfall brings a host of new content, including a fresh campaign, new subclasses, and innovative enemy types that challenge even the most seasoned Guardians.

The core of Lightfall revolves around the Witness and the escalating threat it poses, requiring players to harness new powers and strategies. Introducing the Strand subclass adds a new dimension to gameplay, providing players with abilities that emphasize manipulation and control, transforming how they engage in combat and exploration.

The expansion also emphasizes cooperative play, with challenging new raids and strikes that demand teamwork and strategic planning. Additionally, Lightfall enhances the overall player experience with system improvements and quality-of-life updates, ensuring that both newcomers and veterans find something to appreciate.

PS Plus Monthly Free Games April 2024

PS Plus Monthly Free Games April 2024 Lawod
PlayStation Plus Free Games  11

PlayStation Plus free games April’s lineup is stirring excitement among the gaming community, featuring a trio of distinguished titles: Immortals of AveumMinecraft Legends, and Skul: The Hero Slayer. This selection not only promises diverse gameplay experiences across different genres but also signifies Sony’s commitment to enriching its PlayStation Plus offerings.

By tapping into a variety of genres and offering exclusive perks, Sony demonstrates its dedication to providing value and diversity to its subscription service, cementing PlayStation Plus’s status as a cornerstone of the PlayStation ecosystem.

Immortals of Aveum

Exclusively available on PlayStation 5, Immortals of Aveum is a first-person magic shooter that thrusts players into a world teetering on the brink of an abyss. Players step into the boots of Jak, a member of an elite order of battlemages, wielding the power of magic for both offense and defense.

The game emphasizes fast, fluid spell-based combat, allowing players to unlock, upgrade, and master over 25 Spells and 80 Talents. With a narrative centered around saving a world from imminent destruction, players can expect an immersive experience filled with discovery, upgrade, and crafting of magical gear​.

Minecraft Legends

Minecraft Legends extends its legendary franchise into the realms of action and strategy, available on both PS5 and PS4. It challenges players to explore a land on the verge of devastation by piglins. The game is built on forming alliances and leading epic battles to safeguard the Overworld.

Offering both a rich single-player story mode and a multiplayer experience for up to eight players, it encourages strategic planning and cooperative gameplay. Players must defend their village while attempting to decimate their opponents’ settlements, promising a dynamic and engaging strategy experience​​.

Skul: The Hero Slayer

Available for PlayStation 4 players, Skul: The Hero Slayer redefines the 2D action platformer genre with its rogue-like elements and ever-changing maps. Players embody Skul, a skeleton with the unique ability to swap abilities with defeated enemies.

This mechanic introduces a layer of strategy, requiring players to choose the right abilities and quickly adapt to the battlefield. The game’s emphasis on variety, combined with its rogue-like nature, ensures that no two playthroughs are the same, offering endless replayability​.

Exclusive Bonuses for PlayStation Plus Members

April also brings an exclusive Overwatch 2 Mega Bundle, available to all PlayStation Plus subscribers. This bundle includes a selection of skins and Battle Pass Tier Skips, enhancing the Overwatch 2 gaming experience​.

PS Plus Monthly Free Games March 2024

PlayStation Plus Free Games March 2024
PlayStation Plus Free Games  12

PlayStation Plus is a subscription-based service that provides its members with exclusive benefits, including monthly free games. This service offers a diverse range of gaming titles that cater to different preferences, from action-packed adventures to thought-provoking strategy games. By providing access to a wide variety of games, PlayStation Plus fosters a sense of community among its users, encouraging them to share their experiences and connect with each other. The recent March 2024 lineup showcases PS Plus’ commitment to providing high-quality gaming experiences to its members, with an exciting array of new games that are sure to captivate and entertain gamers of all kinds.

March 2024’s PlayStation Plus lineup promises a wealth of gaming experiences, from the adrenaline-fueled races of F1 23 to the strategic combat of Sifu, the eerie stealth of Hello Neighbor 2, and the epic narrative of Destiny 2: Witch Queen. These titles, along with the exclusive Finals S.O. Sleek Bundle, highlight the value of PlayStation Plus, offering something for every type of gamer. Make sure to download these games between March 5 and April 1, enriching your PlayStation gaming experience with this month’s diverse selection of free games​​​​​​.

F1 23 | PS4, PS5

F1 23 is a thrilling racing game that allows you to immerse yourself in the fast-paced world of Formula 1 racing. With this title, you can enjoy a realistic and detailed recreation of the 2023 season’s cars, teams, and tracks right from your living room. F1 23‘s realistic physics and challenging AI will provide an exciting and authentic racing experience that you won’t find anywhere else. 

Check out our F1 23 review to deep dive into the game's details.

Sifu | PS4, PS5

Sifu is an action-packed video game that offers an exceptional blend of immersive hand-to-hand combat and an engaging storyline. 

In the game, you will embark on a thrilling journey of vengeance, where you will learn and master Kung Fu techniques while facing formidable enemies. 

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What sets the game apart is its innovative aging mechanic, where each defeat results in the aging of your character. This mechanic adds a strategic layer to the gameplay, making each encounter more meaningful and challenging. 

Overall, Sifu promises an enjoyable gameplay experience that is sure to keep you engaged for hours.

Hello Neighbor 2 | PS4, PS5

Hello Neighbor 2 is a sequel to the stealth horror game that immerses players into a creepy and mysterious world. The game revolves around unraveling the secrets hidden in your neighbor’s house, which is no easy task. 

With advanced artificial intelligence, the game adapts to your gameplay tactics and requires you to think creatively and use stealth to solve the puzzles. 

The game promises an engaging and challenging experience for players who love horror and puzzle games.

Destiny 2: Witch Queen | PS4, PS5

Destiny 2: Witch Queen is an expansion that promises to take the immersive world of Destiny to new heights. This expansion features a captivating campaign, a new raid, and the exciting introduction of weapon crafting. 

As a Guardian, you’ll be facing off against the formidable Witch Queen and her Lucent Brood, uncovering dark secrets along the way and battling through the Throne World to stop her sinister plans. 

Destiny 2: Witch Queen elevates the expansive universe of Destiny with a captivating campaign, new raid, and the introduction of weapon crafting. 

The Finals S.O Sleek Bundle, Exclusive to PlayStation Plus Members

This exclusive bundle enhances the experience for PlayStation Plus members, offering unique in-game items and benefits for “The Finals” game. It’s a testament to the additional perks and exclusives that come with a PlayStation Plus subscription.

Last Chance to Download February’s Monthly Games

As we welcome the new titles, it’s crucial to remember that February’s games are still available for a limited time. Ensure you add these games to your library before they’re replaced by March’s selections to keep your gaming options diverse and exciting.

PS Plus Monthly Free Games February 2024

PS Plus Monthly Free Games February 2024
PlayStation Plus Free Games  13

PS Plus continues to offer a range of exciting free games this month too. PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to access three exciting free games starting from February 6, 2024. These games offer a variety of genres, including online shooters and action-packed RPGs, and promise a unique gameplay experience.

For February 2024, PS Plus subscribers can enjoy Foamstars, Rollerdrome, and Steelrising for free on both PS4 and PS5 platforms. Keep reading to learn more about the PS Plus Monthly Free Games for February 2024:

Foamstars – For PS4 and PS5

Developed by Square Enix, Foamstars introduces a fresh take on the multiplayer shooter genre, blending vibrant aesthetics reminiscent of Splatoon with unique gameplay elements. Unlike its colorful counterpart, Foamstars emphasizes strategic manipulation of a soapy arsenal, allowing players to control the battlefield by creating slippery terrains, defensive barriers, or vantage points for attacks.

The game features a quirky cast of characters, each boasting a distinctive Superstar skill. At launch, players can dive into three game modes and maps, with a promise of continuous content updates including new cosmetics, characters, and gameplay modes. This game stands out not just for its PvP elements but also for offering PvE modes, catering to a broad spectrum of gamers seeking both competitive and cooperative experiences​​​​.

Rollerdrome – For PS4 and PS5

Rollerdrome offers a unique blend of high-octane rollerblading action and intense shooting mechanics, set in a retro-futuristic world. Crafted by the acclaimed studio Roll7, known for the hit skateboarding title OlliOlli World, this game transports players into a brutal, retro-futuristic blood sport where fluid motion and visceral combat converge. Players are encouraged to master a sophisticated blend of skating tricks and gunplay, where executing tricks replenishes ammunition and taking down opponents boosts health.

This innovative mechanic not only enhances the action but also integrates a strategic layer, challenging players to balance aggression with precision and flair. Rollerdrome‘s fluid motion and precise controls are optimized for the PlayStation’s capabilities, ensuring a thrilling experience. The game’s narrative depth, challenging levels, and inventive design make it a standout title that keeps players coming back for more.

Steelrising – For PS5

Steelrising will be the PS5 exclusive game of this month. The game redefines the action-RPG genre with its breathtaking setting in an alternative history Paris. You will play as Aegis, an automaton masterpiece navigating through Paris’ revolution-quelled streets, engaging in intense combat against formidable mechanical foes. The game respects the Souls genre’s hallmarks, including stamina management and challenging boss encounters, while offering adjustable difficulty levels to accommodate both veterans and newcomers.

The game distinguishes itself with intricate combat mechanics, a vast array of weapons, and deep customization options, allowing players to tailor their gameplay experience. Steelrising not only challenges players with its tough adversaries and puzzles but also captivates with its compelling story and rich historical tapestry.

PS Plus Monthly Free Games January 2024

PS Plus Monthly Free Games January 2024 Lawod ss
PlayStation Plus Free Games  14

As the first light of 2024 ushers in the new year, it brings with it fresh opportunities, promises of change, and, most excitingly, an all-new collection of gaming adventures on PlayStation Plus.

The latest lineup is set to captivate members with an eclectic assortment of games in January, marking the start of a year where limitless virtual worlds beckon with untold stories and exciting, uncharted territories. From the darkest corners of history to the whimsical depths of fantasy, this month’s selection is a testament to the endless possibilities of gaming.

So, join us as we embark on this digital odyssey, uncovering the treasures that await in the PlayStation Plus Monthly Free Games January 2024 showcase.

A Plague Tale: Requiem – PS5

Join Amicia and Hugo as they embark on a perilous journey in the sequel to A Plague Tale: Innocence. Hoping to start afresh and rid Hugo of his curse, they venture into new territories but find themselves facing an onslaught of death and chaos. You’ll be pushed to the brink of survival and must rely on your wits, skills, and arsenal to overcome formidable foes and obstacles. With a gripping narrative and exhilarating gameplay, the game envelops you in a world that’s both dark and touching.

Evil West – PS4, PS5

Evil West puts you in the shoes of one of the last agents of a secret vampire-hunting institute. Set against a dark American frontier, the game combines narrative-driven gameplay with action-packed combat. So, you can expect to use firearms, a lightning-fueled gauntlet, and various gadgets to fight against supernatural hordes. The game also offers both single-player and co-op modes, where you can upgrade your weapons and develop your monster-slaying skills in style​​.

Nobody Saves the World – PS4, PS5

From the creators of Guacamelee, this game offers a unique twist on action RPGs. You take on the role of “Nobody” and master the art of transformation into diverse forms, including a Slug, Ghost, Dragon, and more. With over 15 distinct forms, each with its own quests, the game allows for creativity in completing challenges. The game also allows you to explore a vast overworld, tackle shape-shifting dungeons, and collaborate with friends online to halt The Calamity and save the world​​.

Warframe: Syrinx Collection – Exclusive PlayStation Plus Pack

Warframe Syrinx Collection – Exclusive PlayStation Plus Pack Lawod ss 1
PlayStation Plus Free Games  15

Alongside the Monthly Games lineup, PlayStation Plus members will have access to the Warframe Syrinx Collection. This exclusive pack for the free-to-play sci-fi multiplayer title Warframe includes multiple weapons, armor, and items. These additions will be immediately available in your in-game inventory, enhancing the Warframe experience for both new and returning players​​.

Each of these titles offers a unique gaming experience, ensuring that PlayStation Plus members have a diverse range of options to start the new year. Whether it’s surviving a plague-infested world, hunting vampires in the wild west, transforming into bizarre creatures to save the world, or enhancing your Warframe arsenal, January’s lineup has something for every type of gamer.

PS Plus Monthly Free Games December 2023

PS Plus Monthly Free Games December 2023 Lawod
PlayStation Plus Free Games  16

Sony offers PlayStation Plus subscribers a trio of low-key games to relax with this month. The PS4 and PS5 titles will be available to download starting next week on December 5, provided you have an active Essential or higher tier membership.

Among the titles, LEGO 2K Drive will likely prove to be the most popular choice, though the racer’s microtransactions may turn off some players. Then there’s Powerwash Simulator, a game that captures the therapeutic satisfaction of cleaning a vehicle, as well as Sable, a desert-set open world that will immerse players in a coming-of-age story.

Lego 2K Drive

LEGO 2K Drive is the first release in a new partnership between 2K and the Lego group that is meant to bring the AAA quality and depth of gameplay that fans have come to expect from the genre to the world of driving games. Developed by Visual Concepts, the game blends open-world driving with fast-paced competitive racing and introduces a diverse vehicle customization system.

The game is built around the upbeat, humourous tone of previous LEGO titles, with jokes likely to appeal to both kids and adults. It also features a good amount of story in the career mode, and the worlds you race through are well-designed with lots to explore.

The gameplay is a mixture of open-world racing and kart racing, with each world containing different activities and races. It has smart systems that make it easy to move around and remove any friction from exploring.

Powerwash Simulator

In the PowerWash Simulator, you can use a power washer to blast away dirt and grime from cars, buildings, parks, and more. It’s a low-stress, high-pressure way to have some fun. 

Powerwash Simulator lives up to its namesake, allowing you to indulge in your inner entrepreneur as they power wash dirt and grime off locations and vehicles. You can earn money as a professional cleaner and use it to upgrade your equipment, like washers, nozzles, and cleaning fluids. 

With your upgraded gear, you can take on even bigger jobs and get them done faster than ever before. Play solo and clean up the town of Muckingham, or team up with friends online for even more fun. The most important thing is to have a good, clean time!


Sable‘s Gliding journey is not just any ordinary adventure. It is a unique and unforgettable experience that will take you through vast deserts and mesmerizing landscapes, each with its own story to tell. As you ride your hoverbike through the dunes, you will come across monumental ruins and the remains of spaceships that add to the depth of the world you are exploring.

But the journey is not just about the physical. It is also about discovering who Sable really is behind her mask. As you guide her through the Gliding rite of passage, you will uncover long-forgotten mysteries and encounter other nomads who will help you piece together the puzzle of Sable‘s life.

With its stunning art style and original soundtrack by Japanese BreakfastSable‘s world is a feast for the senses. You can explore everything at your own pace, taking the time to appreciate the intricate details of the world around you. There is so much waiting to be discovered in Sable‘s world, and it’s up to you to uncover it all.

PS Plus Monthly Free Games November 2023

PlayStation Plus November 2023 Free Games Lawod ss
PlayStation Plus Free Games  17

Sony has revealed the PlayStation Plus monthly games for November 2023, with Mafia II Definitive EditionDragon Ball: The Breakers, and Aliens Fireteam Elite joining the service from Tuesday, November 7. Subscribers can claim October’s titles until November 7, too: The Callisto Protocol, Farming Simulator 22, and Weird West.

Mafia II: Definitive Edition

Mafia II: Definitive Edition will be free for PS Plus members starting November 7. This remaster from 2K Czech takes place in Empire Bay, New York, in the 1940s and 50s. The game sees the war hero and mob initiate, Vito Scaletta, become entangled in organized crime as he climbs the family ladder alongside his buddy Joe.

The remaster features a ton of quality-of-life enhancements and fresh graphics, but the gameplay itself hasn’t been reworked much beyond a cosmetic overhaul. It’s a solid Mafia game, with its gameplay features and story. The soundtrack is excellent, however, featuring a ton of classic hits from the period.

Dragon Ball: The Breakers

Also joining the roster is Dragon Ball: The Breakers, a unique asymmetrical action title that puts you in control of an ordinary character as you fight off against iconic supervillains like Cell and Frieza.

A group of seven regular people find themselves trapped in a strange and dangerous place with a powerful enemy. They need to fight for their survival and find a way out by using different weapons, power-ups, and vehicles while trying to locate and activate a special machine that can take them back in time.

The Raider, played by one of the franchise’s iconic rivals, must absorb or finish off the survivors and devastate everything in their path in order to gain control of the Super Time Machine. 

In Dragon Ball: The Breakers, you have two options: you can either play as a Raider or as a Survivor. If you choose to be a Raider, you will have special powers to find and eliminate the Survivors. You will have different abilities to catch them, evolve, and become even stronger. Similarly, if you choose to be a Survivor, you can escape the Raiders by unlocking different skills, skins, and items and develop your own strategy to succeed.

Dragon Ball: The Breakers is a hectic, chaotic, and sometimes frustrating take on the asymmetrical multiplayer genre and will be available for free Until December 7 for PS Plus subscribers.

Aliens Fireteam Elite

If you’ve watched the first three movies of the Aliens franchise, you might already know how scary it can get. But Cold Iron Studios has taken extra care to make sure that its new game provides gamers with an experience that they’ll keep coming back to.

Aliens Fireteam Elite features a Challenge Card system that changes the approach to each campaign, making it feel fresh with every playthrough. It’s a small detail that helps make this game stand out from the crowd of 2021 shooters.

Experience the full Aliens story 23 years after the blockbuster films as you and your teammates take on a series of replayable campaigns. Stunning visuals, iconic enemies, and immersive environments fill this intense shooter.

PS Plus Monthly Free Games October 2023

PS Plus Monthly Free Games October 2023 Lawod Cover
PlayStation Plus Free Games  18

For those subscribed to PlayStation Plus, each month brings three new games to their accounts that they can enjoy as long as they maintain their subscription. Fans are eagerly anticipating what new titles will be added this month, and while holiday themes don’t typically dictate the games offered, many would love to see some spooky horror games added in honor of Halloween.

One of the trio of PlayStation Plus October 2023 games is The Callisto Protocol, a thrilling horror game. The other two titles are Farming Simulator 22 and Weird West, a unique role-playing game developed by WolfEye Studios.

Starting from Tuesday, October 3, all three games will be available to claim and play until November 6 for both PS5 and PS4 players. This is an excellent opportunity for subscribers to enjoy some exciting new games without having to purchase them separately.

The Callisto Protocol – PS5 and PS4

The Callisto Protocol is a survival horror set 300 years in the future, where you play Jacob Lee, an inmate at Black Iron Prison, a maximum security facility on Jupiter’s moon, Callisto. 

This narrative-driven, third-person title is sure to bring a creepy feeling to your gameplay and will make you jump several times during the duration of the game. It’s clearly inspired by Dead Space but tries to carve out its own identity by adding some smart touches to combat and encounter design.

What really stands out is the visuals and the sound design. The necromorphs and the other enemies are rendered in such detail that they look photorealistic, while the audio is filled with groans and screams. The game’s short runtime also ensures that it’s an ideal choice for a quick scare session.

Discover more about The Callisto Protocol on Lawod.

Farming Simulator 22 – PS5 and PS4

Giants Software’s Farming Simulator 22 is exactly what the name suggests and offers a ton of entertaining factors in one package. 

The game allows you to create your own farm in either American or European environments, and you can use a massive variety of real-life agricultural equipment, including licensed machinery from CLAAS, John Deere, New Holland, and more. You can cultivate different crops and build your supply chain while enjoying some serene farming action.

Players can immerse themselves in the world of Farming Simulator 22, where they have the freedom to shape their own farming destiny. The game challenges players to hone their skills and maximize their potential as successful farmers.

Weird West – PS5 and PS4

Weird West is an isometric action RPG game where you can discover a dark fantasy reimagining of the Wild West where lawmen and gunslingers share the frontier with fantastical creatures, each playing with their own rules and their own peculiar motives. 

You can experience different play styles in a simulated sandbox world where characters, factions, and places react to your choices. Your decisions have brutal consequences that cannot be undone, including the possibility of death. Immerse yourself in the world by exploring the origin stories of various characters and follow their journeys until they converge in the final chapter.

Check out to learn more about Weird West on Lawod.

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