PS Plus Free Games for May 22

Just like every month, the PlayStation Network is offering amazing games for free to its PlayStation Plus members. You can consider this month special because you can enjoy some great games for free. All you need to do is have a PlayStation Plus subscription and access the PlayStation Network to download them.

Once you download the following games, you can enjoy them for free. If you have a hard time deciding, we believe the quick reviews we have shared in the following can be a great guide for you. Keep in mind that you can download all three for free.

PS Plus Free Games for May 22 fifa 22 lawod 1
PS Plus Free Games for May 22 4

FIFA 22 (PlayStation 4 & 5)

There is not much to say about FIFA 22. It is the best-selling sports game on all platforms and lets you enjoy a unique football experience with any team around the world. It is the most realistic football game in the world and offers you a wide range of modes to enjoy. Moreover, you can also compete with your friends or other players online.

In the Career Mode, you can create your own team and compete in real leagues. You can also build your dream squad with Ultimate Team mode. Moreover, you can also enjoy street football with Volta Football mode.

Players can also include some of the best players in history with the Icon Moment Loan Player Pick feature. This will let your pick join your team for the following three games.

PS Plus Free Games for May 22 Tribes of Midgard lawod 1
PS Plus Free Games for May 22 5

Tribes of Midgard (PlayStation 4 & 5)

Tribes of Midgard is a multiplayer survival game where you can form tribes to protect your village against giant monsters. Each tribe can take up to ten players and offers a great co-op opportunity to players. It is one of the best and funniest multiplayer games you can enjoy on your PlayStation 4 and 5 consoles.

The story of the game is based on Norse mythology, in which you are going to fight against fearless giants. However, the game does not only offer great fights; players also have to gather resources, encounter, and slay legendary beasts, claim treasures, and explore caves.

In addition to this, Tribes of Midgard offers unique events in each season. You can take part in these seasons together with your friends and enjoy special rewards and treasures. The game was developed by Norsfell and published by Gearbox Publishing on July 27, 2021.

PS Plus Free Games for May Curse of the Dead Gods lawod 1
PS Plus Free Games for May 22 6

Curse of the Dead Gods (PlayStation 4)

Curse of the Dead Gods is also a pretty new game, which was developed by Passtech Games and published by Focus Entertainment on February 23, 2021. This great game is one of the best examples of the dark fantasy genre on PlayStation.

You are going to explore a temple for eternal life and untold riches. However, the curse of the gods will be on you. Players can use a wide range of weapons, including bows, spears, guns, and swords, to eliminate their enemies.

This is an isometric action game, where you will be challenged by amazing bosses. In our opinion, you are going to love every moment you spend in Curse of the Dead Gods.

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