Railway Empire 2 Review

Railway Empire 2 is a railroad management simulation game that throws players into the 1800s and challenges them to become railroad tycoons.

Railway Empire 2 is a rail-building sim that scratches a comfortable itch for both strategy gamers and history buffs. It offers a fully customizable experience with five campaigns and 14 scenarios, along with free play and construction modes.

Railway Empire 2¬†throws us into the midst of a revolution in 1830 at the start of the railway era. It’s an exciting time for the rail industry, with many rival businesses vying for market share and numerous discoveries altering the way people travel by rail.

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Railway Empire 2 Gameplay Offers Various Game Modes And Scenarios

Whether you’re embarking on the game’s 14 scenarios or the 5-chapter campaign, there are plenty of ways to immerse yourself in Railway Empire 2.

A campaign mode, scenario mode, free play mode, construction mode, and cooperative multiplayer mode are just a few of the different game modes available.

The campaign mode, spread across five chapters, assigns a number of tasks and a due date for completion.

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On the other hand, there are 14 different scenarios in the scenario mode, which is kind of like a competition between you and another railroad magnate to see who can expand their railway the fastest. In contrast to campaign mode, which has both optional and required tasks, scenario mode only has required tasks. By achieving the goals, a new area is available for expansion. 

All in all, the sheer number of options can be overwhelming at first, and wrapping your head around them takes time. However, once you get to grips with the systems at work, the experience becomes highly rewarding and addictive.

Railway Empire 2 offers a captivating experience in the shoes of a railroad tycoon. It’s a management sim that tickles the fancies of railfans and gamers alike with its historical accuracy, compelling simulation system, and detailed visuals. 

As a sequel, it’s an evolution of the original, tackling some of its pitfalls and pushing itself forward. It’s a hard act to pull off, but Gaming Mind Studios and Kalypso Media have done well here.

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Visuals Are Just As Expected: Great!

The game has a lot to offer with campaign mode, scenario mode, free play, and sandbox mode. This provides a lot of options to cater to your style of play and helps alleviate the stress of competing against other businesses.

The game features bigger, more detailed, and more lively maps than the previous one. Two huge maps cover the entirety of the US and continental Europe, while more detailed maps focus on specific regions. 

Several improvements have also been made, including improved track construction, automatically placed signals, and expandable train stations.

While it might not appeal to casual sim fans, Railway Empire 2 is a worthy sequel that makes the most of its niche. It’s a testament to how gaming can evolve without losing its core appeal. Although some changes have caused controversy, it’s hard to argue that they don’t improve the overall experience.

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Impressive Soundtrack, But Could be Better

The game’s soundtrack is a mix of pleasant ambient sounds and the squealing and whistling of trains. It helps to engender an atmosphere of the 1800s and makes the gameplay feel immersive.

While the sound design is good, there are times when some of the railway noises could be more manageable and distracting. This is especially true during the game’s later phases when you construct huge track networks.

If you’re interested in Railway Empire 2, you can find the game on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PCs via Steam and Epic Games Store.

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