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Ravenswatch will place players into the roles of beloved characters from classic fairy tales and folklore.

Ravenswatch from Passtech Games and their Curse of the Dead Gods team allows you to control a character within Reverie, an engaging storybook world bursting with characters from folk tales and legends.

Available via Early Access on Steam and featuring six heroes to choose from – each suitable for solo play as well as co-op play for two to four players.

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Ravenswatch Offers 6 Playable Characters in Early Access Version

Ravenswatch stands out by seamlessly blending RPG elements with roguelike gameplay elements to produce an enjoyable experience. With various enemies and difficulty scales to challenge every run, it keeps players coming back for more – particularly due to unlocking six unique heroes through certain tasks.

In Ravenswatch, each hero embodies unique strengths and weaknesses. Each hero has a distinct approach to basic combat mechanics and teamwork, as you complete quests and level up, you will unlock Upgrade options that can drastically change how your character plays.

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  1. Aladdin is one of Ravenswatch‘s strongest heroes, inspired by classic Arabian Nights tales. He can call upon Jinniya of the lamp for powerful wishes that can be used effectively in combat – his Power wish deals 250 damage to all nearby enemies while Special and Defense Wishes conjure 25-50 Dream Shards or magical objects simultaneously; finally, Defense Wish heals or revives nearby heroes.
  2. Scarlet, Ravenswatch‘s main rogue, is well-known for her quick attacks and critical hits. Additionally, her defensive ability – known as Cloak – allows her to hide for two seconds between attacks, protecting her from getting hit again by her opponent.
  3. Beowulf is another extremely strong character in this game and boasts an ultimate with a 60-second cooldown, quickly dealing large amounts of damage. Unfortunately, Beowulf can be frustrating to play, and many have found it challenging to master his kit.
  4. Nyss, an ice mage who channels a frost ray that deals 120 damage per second and creates a frost zone, should also be wary. Furthermore, she possesses two lethal abilities which allow her to glide across the battlefield and impale opponents with deadly precision.
  5. Little Red Riding Hood, commonly referred to in this game as Scarlet, is a lycanthrope who can transform into a werewolf at night before returning back into her human form during the day. Her abilities focus on quick slashes and critical hits as well as stealth. In addition, a few upgrades slightly alter her capabilities, though these rarely do much for gameplay.
  6. Melusine can be one of the tougher heroes to master, as she must remain stationary while using her whisp to deal damage. But if used carefully and effectively, she can be an extremely potent weapon against Ravenswatch enemies.

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